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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by DMGuy, Jun 29, 2020 at 11:07 PM.

  1. DMGuy

    DMGuy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this....Gorts, feel free to move this.

    I like to buy CDs from Amazon. In the last week or so, I've noticed that none of the CD listing contain track lists anymore. I know they were there as recently as 1-2 weeks ago. Anybody else having this issue, or know where I can find the track lists (if I click on MP3 instead of CD, it gives me track lists, but most of the music I'm looking at isn't available for download, so not an option for those). For what it's worth, I'm using the U.S. version of Amazon.
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  2. wwaldmanfan

    wwaldmanfan Born in the '50's

    NJ is the encylopedia of music
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  3. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Is it possible that, now that they're trying to discourage selling your own CD's on Amazon Marketplace, they want to make it more difficult for bargain-shoppers to window-shop...?

    Amazon, shooting more feet the space-age way.
  4. DMGuy

    DMGuy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Weird thing is, I discovered I can still see the track lists when I pull up their website on my cell phone, but tried two different browsers on my laptop and can't see the track lists on either one.
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  5. John D.

    John D. Forum Resident

    Using Amazon U.S. version too, first CD I checked > Neil Young -Roxy - Tonight's The Night Live > has track listings, MOFI SACD > Vanilla Fudge S/T has track listings, Neil Young > Homegrown does not list tracks. Seems to depend on the title.
  6. Bradd

    Bradd Forum Resident

    Chester, NJ
    I just looked at a couple of CDs on Amazon and they list the tracks.
  7. Manapua

    Manapua Forum Resident

    Hmm. I searched Rubber Soul, then Brain Salad Surgery and both have track listings. I'm on a laptop. I know this isn't the case on every single listing but you say you're not getting anything?
  8. DMGuy

    DMGuy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yeah, I'm getting nothing. I've looked at dozens of CDs, and no track list for any of them. Two different browsers. Must be some weird setting on my computer that has changed over the past few days.

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  9. McMopMan

    McMopMan Active Member

    Looks like you are right... I can't find a single album with track listings on Amazon after a brief search, and I know I was seeing track lists for many albums there as recently as a month ago.

    This isn't really concerning for me, however, because I had already decided not to buy CDs through Amazon anymore. I purchased several classic albums on CD from Amazon recently and they all sounded like crap on my hi-fi. Turns out they had been "remastered" and the new versions were harsh and taxing to listen to.

    There is a serious lack of information regarding what version of a recording Amazon is selling. Old albums might be cheap there, but unless they let me know exactly what I am buying, for me Amazon will be a no-go for music.
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  10. The Hud

    The Hud Just add water

    Be careful when buying CDs from Amazon. If it isn't a new release, there is a good chance you will receive a CDr. They used to tell you when they were selling CDrs, but they no longer do, or it is really well hidden and I can't find it now.
  11. ARK

    ARK Forum Resident

    Charlton, MA, USA
    Yes. if they keep this up, then...?
  12. joshm2286

    joshm2286 Forum Resident

    I've noticed some releases don't have track names lusted its frustrating. I just go to Discogs ir Wikipedia.
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  13. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Then Discogs earns the market share Amazon eventually realizes they're losing. :shrug:
  14. ARK

    ARK Forum Resident

    Charlton, MA, USA
    If Amazon is the Amazon Rain Forest then Discogs is a mosquito.
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  15. eric777

    eric777 Astral Projectionist

    I stopped ordering music from Amazon. They are moving away from selling CDs in general so I moved on. Expect more things like this in the future.
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  16. Uncle Miles

    Uncle Miles Wafting in and out of Forum

    Phoenix, AZ USA
    Same here.

    I checked out Neil Young Roxy CD, Beatles Revolver CD, and a few others. No track lists unless I click the "MP3" button.

    I'm on desktop Mojave OS, tried it with both Safari and Firefox...
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  17. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Amazon may be a "rain forest"...but, that doesn't mean, to the specific sector of musical customers on Amazon noticing their options shrinking, that Discogs isn't one damn big mosquito, becoming noticeably buzzier and swarmier by day.

    On the other hand, those Amazon users who are actually there primarily because of the swift, free shipping services for Rachel Ray fashions, are none the more aware.
  18. Bill007

    Bill007 Forum Resident

    Boynton Beach, Fla
    I also have another Q. I like to buy CDs but only if they come with Autorip. Yet the site never seems to tell u in advance of the release date if it will come with Autorip so I never preorder the discs. Anyone know if there is someway to tell in advance?
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  19. Weirwolfe

    Weirwolfe Forum Resident

    I've noticed this happening for a while.
  20. Exitmusic

    Exitmusic Forum Resident

    Leicester U.K
    It would normally say on the page of the album if it comes with Autorip,in the last few months I have ordered 3 albums from Amazon,Pearl Jam and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever had Autorip, The new Nick Cave album didn't have it.

    Case in point,here's the Pearl Jam album on Amazon,aps,387&sr=8-1

    Here's the Nick Cave album,aps,265&sr=8-1
  21. After getting burned (ha!, literally) with CD-r's, misadvertised discs, and third-party sellers who misreprent condition and have poor return policies, I'm done with Amazon. It's really been diminishing returns on bargain hunting the past year or more, anyway. I'm sticking with Discogs and bargain-bin diving.
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  22. John B Good

    John B Good Forum Hall Of Fame

    NS, Canada
    I've noticed a huge decline in Amazon service for CDs and DVDs for quite a while. I speculated in a recent thread that these are a very much smaller part of their business than they used to be.

    Recently I noticed that the price of several cds I bought in a local store were significantly lower than Amazon Canada's prices. :(
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  23. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario
    How is it Amazon’s fault that you bought a remastered CD?
  24. McMopMan

    McMopMan Active Member

    Maybe it isn't Amazon's fault that I bought some remastered CDs. I am willing to accept the responsibility of having made a few ignorant purchases.

    What I have concluded, though, is that Amazon listings do not provide good information.
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  25. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria

    I've bought numerous back catalogue cds from Amazon over the last year and not one of them has been a CDr.
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