Amazon UK and Germany Raise Shipping Rates ... Again

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Geof, Oct 10, 2020.

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    After the virus turned everything upside down, Amazon UK's regular £3.06 shipping for one CD to the US — about $3.97, even for box sets — was suspended, and deliveries were then being listed as Amazon Global Shipping and rates were over £12 (about $15.50), making it ridiculously pricey to order one CD. It was the same on Amazon Germany. Then about two months ago, the UK was once again shipping regular airmail. I began getting CDs from 3rd party dealers at reasonable prices and shipping times. A bit late to the party but welcome nonetheless, Amazon UK and Germany also shortly thereafter resumed their regular rates.

    But in the past week or so, they have suddenly increased their prices significantly, over 100%. Now, one CD from Amazon UK is £6.96 (about $9.10) while Germany has gone up to €12.95, ($15.40). A lot of UK releases (like Esoteric releases and the Jethro Tull Deluxe Book format reissues) have usually been much cheaper than buying them as imports on US Amazon, but this kinda throws that out the window, although admittedly it still might be a good deal on box sets. However, recently I'm finding ImportCDs to have better prices than Amazon UK, like $10.79 for Esoteric single disc reissues with only $2.99 shipping and the upcoming Iron Butterfly box ($36.59 on ImportCD vs. $46.39 on Amazon UK (even with the VAT deduction) and $58.81 on US Amazon).

    Has anyone heard any explanation for the sudden increase after briefly dropping back to their regular shipping price and then suddenly more than doubling it? Not surprisingly, their customer service had no official explanation.
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    Maybe they're adjusting their postage prices in line with the recent increase in UK Royal Mail International prices. It now costs me £5.75 to post a CD weighing between 101g and 250g to the US. It's still half the price of postage for buying a CD from the USA, but I know price increases always suck!
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    I'm in Canada, and when Amazon UK sends me notice of something its AI thinks I might be interest in, I look, and see the shipping cost of single CD is still about 19 Pounds!!!

    We've entered an age of chaos...
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