Any good inexpensive CD players still in production?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by thatguy1976, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. thatguy1976

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    I realize there's not a big market for new CD players anymore but I need to replace my Onkyo C-7030. It sounds great but after a couple of years of use, it skips on even the tiniest of marks on a CD. Sometimes it even skips on a brand new CD. I recently started to get back into buying used CD's (in at least Very Good condition) and I need a player that can play without skipping. Can anyone recommend a new or gently used player to lookout for? I'm trying to keep my budget under $300 and I am open to a universal player. Thanks in advance!
  2. The Pinhead


    That's unacceptable. Have you considered having it serviced ? Sounds like a bad laser assembly. My Technics is 24 years old and still reads everything I throw at it.
  3. Guitarded

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    MusicHall cd25.2.

    Really nice, simple disc player. Even better with a modest power cord upgrade.
  4. Steelymark

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    Yamaha make a nice one in that price range
  5. patient_ot

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    Buy a refurbed Onkyo and pay an extra $30 for a 3 year warranty.

    Pretty much every sub $500 CD player on the market uses the same drawer/transport mechanism nowadays and they don't seem to last like the old ones did.
  6. F1nut

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    Clean the pickup lens with a Q-tip and denatured alcohol.
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  7. patient_ot

    patient_ot Forum Resident

    Assumed OP already tried this, but yeah, lasers can get dusty.
  8. Jerryb

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  9. Scary! I looked around and found that component-type CD-only players are getting scarce. Most available, outside of car stereo, are multi-format types also playing video discs. If CD sales are drying up, they sure are putting out lot's of new CD albums, re-issues and multi-disc collects. I wonder what we are going to do with our huge CD collections when our CD players wear out and there aren't new ones to buy?
  10. swvahokie

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    Fancy coasters? Good thing they are making plenty of turntables. ;)
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  11. Guitarded

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    I'll never need to buy another ashtray!
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  12. POE_UK

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    Get a Denon DCD-715, best cd player ive ever heard, full metal black body, with toslink to play your 5.1 DTS audio cds, and pitch control -12 to +12, with cd editing, can even switch the display off for saving its life. you can get them cheap if you look around. and it will match in with any pioneer technics or aiwa separates
  13. soundboy

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    Yamaha, TEAC, Tascam and Pioneer all have single disc CD players in their respective lines. Go up a little more in price, but still under $500, and you can get players from NAD, Cambridge Audio, and Marantz.
  14. PhilBiker

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    Contact Onkyo directly. I predict that they will repair or replace your CD player. That C-7030 is a damn nice little CD player you shouldn't need to replace it. Check your local thrift stores - they usually have loads of CD players for next to nothing.
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  15. I would think that some of these manufacturers will see the light and realize that there are still a ton of CD sales out there and put something out.
  16. BrentB

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    They may eventually. As for now there are so many means to play CDs. Computers, laptop, portables, DVD players, car units, video game consoles.
    My "non-critical" listening system uses a Panasonic DVD for CD playback with "acceptable" results. My other systems use Rotel and Parasound units. And yes I've wondered what to do when one of these bites the dust.
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  17. Ron Scubadiver

    Ron Scubadiver Forum Resident

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    Blue Ray Player + External DAC with Toslink or coax input.
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  18. Bathory

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    i have been through two cd players in a year. first ws a demon dn500, and second was the yamaha cd s300 which started skipping on first tracks with only 5 hours of spin time in reality. i had left the unit on overnight to warm up. If it will go bad after being on for 7 hours, i am looking for another. yummy sent back already, and the search continues, but they are all junk these days, and i can't afford a 3K cdplayer, I must keep budget about 300$ as if they only last 1-2 years, its not worth warranty work anyway, their all disposable these days anyway.

    i wish i still had my Acurus and-11 and only dx-7500 those were tanks!
  19. Gibsonian

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    Get a cheap DVD player and let her rip. Audio out of these cheap little Toshiba's beats out all my old CD players. Later on you can get the ipurifier from ifi and invest in a DAC.
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  20. BlackStrat_Fan

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    Won an eBay auction for a Yamaha CD-S300. Nice unit, still in production.
  21. GroovyGuy

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    Great plan. I did this with my "boat house system" as it allowed me to play blurays to my TV as well as get decent sound into my two channel audio system in there. Cost effective and efficient if you're not looking for true audiophile sound
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  22. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
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  23. yamfox

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    That's nice to know, as my current CD player is indeed a cheap Toshiba DVD player from Goodwill :laugh:
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  24. Gibsonian

    Gibsonian Forum Resident

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    Mine is a cheap Toshiba on both of my systems. With Ifi purifier on the reference system into GD audio DAC cannot tell the difference between the Toshiba and the venerable Sony DVPS9000ES as CD rotaters.
  25. Jeff Kent

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    That's what I use.

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