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Any news in 2021 for Laser Turntables?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by PB Point, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. PB Point

    PB Point Forum Resident Thread Starter

    San Diego
    Are the patents too strong for others to pursue the technology or consumer rollout?

    I think the potential for landing one of these units in households across the world is much stronger than any other audio “box” of similar size. (Sorry, best term I could come up with referring to the AVR, Integrated, Amps... you know what I mean).
  2. vinylontubes

    vinylontubes Forum Resident

    Katy, TX
    I'm still waiting for HD Vinyl. I'm more interested in burning ceramics with lasers than I am about adding automation and frictionless reading of grooves. I personally like the diversity of cartridges that have sound characteristics that are largely do to design choices with materials and construction.
  3. regore beltomes

    regore beltomes Forum Resident

    Helenville, WI
    I think the 12 inch 45 rpm maxi singles are about as close to HD vinyl as we'll get.
    It's like going from 7.5 ips to 15 ips. on an open reel. Faster writing speed equals
    better frequency response and higher dynamic range. Kind of like a CD which spins
    at 52.3 inches per second. That's really hauling.
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  4. pscreed

    pscreed Upstanding Member

    They should go to 78 RPM “albums” with every song on a different side.

    Pressed on copper discs that could only stand up to a dozen playings.

    People would line up to flagellate themselves with that format.

    Imagine the inconvenience! Imagine the expense!
  5. Agitater

    Agitater Forum Resident

    What patents, specifically?

    What is it about a laser pickup that you feel might be better (as opposed to just different) than a mechanical pickup?

    I think the word you were looking for is audio "components."
  6. peskypesky

    peskypesky Forum Resident

    156 RPM.
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  7. Mr. Bewlay

    Mr. Bewlay The Modern Idiot is here and plain to see...

    Denver CO
    I have a laser turntable. I use it for my CDs.
  8. F1nut

    F1nut Forum Resident

    The Mars Hotel
    Life begins at 7000 RPM.
  9. peskypesky

    peskypesky Forum Resident

  10. Oelewapper

    Oelewapper Plays vinyl instead of installing it on the floor.

    I would rather prefer records made of a better material than vinyl, something that is less prone to scratching, wear, warpage and static buildup.
    Good cartridges are good enough IMO, no need to go with lasers.
  11. Casino

    Casino Senior Member

    You use CD's? No wonder my vinyl albums don't fit in the drawer...
  12. peskypesky

    peskypesky Forum Resident

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  13. Casino

    Casino Senior Member


    Inconvenient and expensive??? The line forms to the right....
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  14. ghost rider

    ghost rider Forum Resident

    Get a laserdisc player. You can have mine.
  15. Casino

    Casino Senior Member

    I wonder if it would work better with vinyl than what I'm using now - a 2x4 with a nail in it...
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2021
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  16. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    Maybe if the price was under $500
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  17. Rad Dudeski

    Rad Dudeski Why are these words under my name?

    Laser turntables have been around since the 80s. I dont think it would be too hard for any of the big name brands to manufacture one. Its the overhead that kills it all.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2021
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  18. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Drum machines are not inherently evil.

    Not sure what all these people are taking about, but you’re the first person to actually answer the OP’s question.
  19. VinylSoul

    VinylSoul Forum Resident

    Lake Erie
    They don't read colored or clear vinyl
    They read every bit of dust, dirt, physical, and play damage
    Very bland representation of the music
    Not much of a service network manufacturer only
    Can't even imagine what service cost would be out of warranty
    Nothing impressive about it at 12k ....
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  20. peskypesky

    peskypesky Forum Resident

    sign me up!
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  21. nosliw

    nosliw It's a hairstyle, not real cat ears :P

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    There was news of the Optora ORP-1 laser turntable that was announced in May 2018, which was supposed to be released by Almedio Inc., a Japanese technology company that manufacture long-term optical media drives, archival and storage solutions.

    Apparently, that idea quietly died sometime later for some reason, which I'm speculating it's a combination of technical roadblocks and financially not feasible for the company. Other than ELP Japan, no one has even dared to attempt to come up with their own solution.

    And speaking of the ELP turntable, I came across a YouTube video comparing to the sound quality of a needledrop versus the actual laser turntable itself, along with playing back a physically broken 78 shellac.

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  22. Benzion

    Benzion "Cogito, ergo sum" Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY
    Isn't DS Audio a laser cartridge? Or optical doesn't necessarily mean laser?
  23. Clonesteak

    Clonesteak Forum Resident

    Kalamazoo, MI
    When this new turntable format hits 88rpm’s you are going to hear some serious *%#*!!!

    Laser turntable to me equals CD
  24. nosliw

    nosliw It's a hairstyle, not real cat ears :P

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    The DS Audio cartridge still uses a stylus to physically trace the grooves but it uses LEDs and PD (photo cells) to detect audio, instead of the traditional moving magnet/coil.

    Optical cartridge basic principle
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  25. Front Row

    Front Row Finding pleasure when annoying those with OCD.

    Chicago IL
    Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of enjoying an analogue recording? Would the information from the record acquired by the laser keep it in an analogue format or would it have to be changed to digital and proceed through a dac? I occasionally read that those who love the sound of records making disparaging comments about digital recordings sounding "digitized." It seems a laser cartridge/turntable might be paradoxical in that the "purity" of records would be somehow corrupted by the signal that gets digitized at some point. (I had a similar conversation about the Sugar Cube Filter). Lastly, I would be in favor of a laser cartridge that could play my ageing records without any friction and would not care if the analogue information morphed into binary code at some point.
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