Anyone into 'BREAKING BAD'? (part 2)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by -Alan, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Sean Murdock

    Sean Murdock Forum Intruder

    Bergenfield, NJ
    That's my guess. He's got an awfully unhealthy-sounding cough in these flash-forwards.
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  2. masswriter

    masswriter Minister At Large

    New England
    I root for walt.

    walt all the way
  3. mattdm11

    mattdm11 Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    But doesn't the flash forward sort of explain the end result of the dilemma? I mean, I guess not...Jesse could come clean first and embarass Hank, or any other number of possibilities....I think Hank ends up turning him in. But I guess Walt does seems a little far fetched that no one would notice him if he was a fugitive, but I guess the story will explain it all. It's a fictional show but it still felt creepy to see their house the way it was in that scene.

    To be honest, when Hank started having the blurred vision, I thought how funny it would have been if he had a heart attack and died before he could tell anyone. But that would have been a bit of a cop out.

    I never get into TV shows...I love Seinfeld and never really caught those when they were on (granted I was only a teenager then). I plan my schedule around being home at 9pm/10pm to watch this show. I have never been like this and can't imagine ever loving a show this much again. It won't displace Seinfeld as #1, but it may have overtaken the Simpsons as #2. (If the Simpsons had ended after season 8, that would be hard to do, but as we all know....ahh, that's another discussion:))
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  4. rburly

    rburly Sitting comfortably with Item 9

    It was more than just "a few minutes ago" when Walt called her to "check the burner" in the house. I would agree that Walt most likely has been through a lot by the time we see when that fast forward was, but her not saying a word and her fruit falling all over the place took a bit of the edge off that scene for me.

    That M-60 that Walt has in the trunk can do a lot of damage, and I wonder just what it is he'll do with it, and why he wanted it (that big of a gun).
  5. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Interesting that Walt puts the towel on the bathroom floor when vomiting, just like Gus Fring did when puking out the poisoned tequila at the Salamanca thing.

    I also thought the way Walt acted toward Lydia at the car wash was very much like Gus used to act when he would show up at Pollos.

    It would seem to me that the message there is that Walt has essentially become the new Gus Fring in more ways than just the obvious one.
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  6. avalanche

    avalanche Forum Resident

    It could be construed as either Walt has gotten better, or more likely that he has given up treatment. Everyone I knew that has died from cancer had a full head of hair at the time of their passing.

    Hank is definitely in a rough spot. He will need to check his emotions before making any further moves against "Heisenberg."
  7. avalanche

    avalanche Forum Resident

    Or... spoilers...

    Walt has faked his death somehow, and seeing a "dead" man show up after a few months could be quite the shock.
  8. Kinda sorta. Except, so far, he's put. Gus was never out but it does indeed reverse their position in many respects.

    Great confrontation scene between Hank and Walt.

    "the cancer's back". "Good"
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  9. Done A Ton

    Done A Ton Birdbrain

    Rural Kansas
    Inspired use of Jim White's "Wordmule" while Hank is in the garage.
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  10. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    I loved the premiere episode and thought it was the tensest thing I've seen on TV in many years. The barely-controlled rage from Hank was just great... and yet everything Walt said was true. There's almost no proof, no evidence, the trial alone would completely destroy both their families, and Walt's gonna die anyway. The change in expression on Walt's face was scary.

    The show also looked better than it ever has -- I think they've really stepped up their game technically. And the ratings are through the roof:

    Breaking Bad Returns to Record 5.9 Million Viewers

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  11. Now Bryan Cranston needs to get a film part worthy of BB and Malcolm. He does these side parts with where the characters are sort of one dimentional (not his fault) . I understand that they are somewhat high profile parts, but we all see what he is capable of. Such a much more interesting actor than a Brad Pitt, Keanue Reeves and hundreds of others....
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  12. Paul J

    Paul J Forum Resident

    I keep seeing Godfather references, the coldness of Gus, the syncronized take out of Mike's crew and the white noise overload of Hank when he realizes who Walt is. I wonder if Hank's stroke or whatever it was, will rear up later, the aftermath of it was kind of blown off.
    Wonder if Walt will set up Hank in a blackmail scenerio?
    I guess I'll keep watching.........
  13. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Senior Member

    Unpopular opinion, I'm sure, but I thought the entire episode was very boring except for the final confrontation between Walt and Hank. Of course, that final ten minutes was more than enough to justify sitting through the rest of the show, but I found the car wash plot, Jesse sitting around the house in a stoned stupor, the scene with Jesse and Saul, etc. to be pretty dull. Badger's Star Trek riff was funny, but only tangentially related to the main plot. The show probably should have ended when Walt defeated Gus, but that's the TV biz for you.
  14. I think it's far more interesting to see what Walt becomes because of his actions including his attempt to get away. There's a realization deep inside that he's become evil and it's pulling him in. I think ending with Walt defeating Gus would have made it a victory for Walt--without the consequences of his actions fully hitting home.

    The tension for me was there throughout the entire episode--unspoken tension between Walt and Hank and the uncontrolled rage that Hank had to bury to get through dinner with Walt. For me it was worth it and I particularly love the scene and look on Walt's face when he decides he's going to ask about the tracker. The garage closing was we really weren't sure how Hank was going to act out on his anger.
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  15. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Senior Member

    As I said above, the confrontation between Walt and Hank was the meat of the episode, and it was worth sitting through the entire dull episode just to get the "tread lightly" line.

    The biggest problem with the series in this final season, in my opinion, is that the relationship between Walt and Jesse has been largely severed, and that was arguably the central relationship in the show. Yes, I know Walt went over to Jesse's house to talk to him in this latest episode, but the teamwork/tension/conflict/uneasy alliance between Walt and Jesse was the heart of the show for me and now that's gone and Jesse has been reduced to an uninteresting catatonic zombie with nothing really to do. Just my two cents.
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  16. Walt knows he's going to die. The cancer is back and while we never heard the prognosis his attitude at keep his treatment secret to me indicates that he knows its futile. He wants to just enjoy his time as that "car wash owner" and as someone who has rediscovered his moral center--not realizing that, it's been eaten away by a different form of cancer. He's pretending to be that man but, as we can see from his confrontation with Hank, that man died a long time ago.
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  17. True, Jesse is the off-kilter moral center of the show but I think that, as Walt descended further into his own form of madness, it wasn't a surprise that Jesse would dissassociate himself from Walt. I do think that they should have given Jesse a bit more to do in this episode (during the season he continued to be the moral center who found his own foundation crumbling just as Walt's did and his move away from Walt was a survival move) but, on the whole, I've been satisfied with the results.

    Without Mike there, Jesse is lost and that's well played. He's slowly pulling himself out of that stupor but that sense of loss (Mike was very much a father figure to Jesse just as Walt was at one time) continues. I suspect we'll see Jesse come raging out of his cave of depression once he realizes how far Walt has gone.
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  18. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Senior Member

    Aaron Paul did as good a job as he could with Jesse sitting there in a coma while Badger pitched his Star Trek script, with Jesse sitting there in a coma while Walt talked to him, with Jesse sitting there in coma in Saul's waiting room, etc., but he's been like that for a while now, and it has cut one of the two main characters out of the show. Like you said, maybe we will see Jesse return to action before the season is over. I hope so.
  19. I think it's safe to say Jesse will be heard from in a big way before it's all over. I hope he survives, if anybody does. And it's a tribute to the talents of Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan that I'm still rooting for Jesse even after he murdered a man.

    F_C_FRANKLIN Forum Resident

    A (potential) foreshadowing Spoiler:

    Pay very close attention to what Walt was wearing in the opening scene that Vidiot posted. Notice how Walt has a tendency to 'absorb' the traits and mannerisms of the people he kills, Ala 'channeling' Gus Fring in his exchange with Lydia at the Car Wash.
  21. sberger

    sberger Dream Baby Dream

    I saw that bordered up house and right away thought something very bad has happened there. Reminded me of the horrible place in Ohio where those poor women were help captive for years. Didn't take them long to tear it down. Jumping to conclusions, it is not hard for me to think of Walter doing anything to anybody to save himself.

    Also waiting for the new cook to get plenty upset if Walter does end up coming back in, which I have to believe he will.

    In any event, some pretty intense television is on it's way.
  22. thgord

    thgord In Search of My Next Euphoric Groove

    Moorpark, CA
    What's even more inexplicable is that when Fring put the towel on the floor, Walt wasn't even present when Fring and company were in Mexico. Figure that one out.
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  23. thgord

    thgord In Search of My Next Euphoric Groove

    Moorpark, CA
    "If you don't know who I am then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly".

    One of the greatest lines in television history.
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  24. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    I think they own "Spot the Difference", i.e. the cheaply licensable exact covers album :)
  25. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    And the fact that vandals have spray-painted "Heisenberg" inside, and judging by the neighbor's reaction, it's clear everybody in the present knows the monster that Walter White really was. The only real questions I have about the present-day scenes are 1) who is left alive, and 2) what is Walt's plan for the gun?
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