Anyone recognize this picture?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by HGN2001, May 27, 2011.

  1. HGN2001

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    We aim to please...
  2. dirwuf

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    Can someone please do an animated gif of the girls clapping at 8:02...
  3. Luke The Drifter

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    Audrey Meadows was in this film too. Very interesting.
  4. JohnO

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  5. HGN2001

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    All eight frames as they appeared on the original DVD mentioned in the first post.


    Hava Nagila!
  6. Denim Chicken

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    WOW! I loved going through this thread! This is the best thing I've found on this forum!
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  7. The Panda

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    The ball above the blonde's head looks like these old pen holders that they had in our post office growing up.
  8. kwadguy

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  9. Trashman

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    Kind of creepy, especially the eyes of the blonde. :yikes:
  10. Rick Bartlett

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    In Colour!!! YES! ......... isn't much footage of The Beach Boys in colour.....:tiphat:
  11. neo123

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