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Anyone see " NEW MUTANTS "?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by PeterTheLittlePest, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. PeterTheLittlePest

    PeterTheLittlePest Active Member Thread Starter

    Galesburg, IL
    It was kind of second to " TENET " in the " seeing if people will come back to theaters " test - did anyone else here see Fox's " NEW MUTANTS ", especially theatrically, recently? Of course, it closes the era of the Fox X-MEN franchise with a whimper.
    Where I am, I think it played four-six weekends (as did Tenet I think starting at the same time), perhaps as many or more weekends as it would have played under a " normal " circumstance though with far less total grosses! Prince of a diminished hill.
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  2. PeterTheLittlePest

    PeterTheLittlePest Active Member Thread Starter

    Galesburg, IL
    I'm BUMP!!ing this up here...
  3. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    It's streaming on HBO Max now, watched it last night and kind of enjoyed it. The dark nature of the storyline reminded me some of X2 which was also very dark in tone.
  4. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    Caught it on Blu-Ray earlier this year. I thought some of its ideas had potential, and Anya Taylor-Joy's bullying Magick character was a bit of a highlight, but it's overall another half-assed Fox-Men film of missed opportunities.
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  5. tommy-thewho

    tommy-thewho Forum Resident

    detroit, mi
    I agree it had potential but fell short.

    They must have made it cheap there was hardly any cast to it.
  6. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report!

    I saw it and forgot it pretty much in the same night. It seemed like a generic teen film that they grafted X-Men parts onto.
  7. Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars Forum Resident

    Saw it at the drive in theatre in Santee. It was ok. It was more fun just to get out and see a movie to be honest.
  8. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    I used to read the comic books (from the start up to 'Legion'), but it always seems if I liked a comic it's usually best to not see the film or tv 'adaptation' as it will be underwhelming. I wonder if they have Sunspot in it how they would do the effect though.
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  9. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    He’s in it, but I wouldn’t get overly excited about how they do the effect.
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  10. mr. steak

    mr. steak Forum Resident

    tempe az
    Terrible movie.
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  11. SRC

    SRC That sums up Squatter for me

    New York, NY
    As a childhood fan of the source material, and an enjoyer of the early X-Men movies, I was pretty shocked at how amateur the film was. It wants to play like a horror movie, which is a fine idea, but the direction is terrible - there's no style to it at all, it's shot like an afterschool special from the 90's, no real visual tone or tension outside of the specific "horror" moments. The acting is pretty awful too, again to me it comes off more like a 90's teen movie. Just my opinion, of course anyone should check it out if interested.
  12. keefer1970

    keefer1970 Metal, Movies, Beer!

    New Jersey
    Borrowed the DVD from the library a while back. It was "meh," it looked and felt like the pilot to a cheap teen-oriented TV series on SyFy or Freeform than a theatrical film.
  13. VeeDub

    VeeDub Senior Member

    Denver, CO
    Didn’t think it was out and out terrible...but it sure wasn’t very good. Agree regarding the lack of any distinctive style (so is THAT a style?). For the X-verse, it was sub-Gifted.
  14. Cokelike-

    Cokelike- Forum Resident

    Columbus, Oh
    Yeah, that was my problem with it. Later on, I read the director wanted to make a trilogy with the characters, with each of the movies being a different type of horror film. This one was the Haunted House type film, to be followed with a psychological thriller film or a slasher film or whatever et al. What a stupid idea, though. Go make horror movies if you want to make horror movies. Why drag x-men characters into it? I wanted so much to like this one. It had some neat moments, but was overall forgettable.
  15. JohnBR

    JohnBR Forum Resident

    How does the depiction of Sunspot compare to how he was portrayed in the Days of Future Past movie?

    He was always one of my favorite New Mutants/X-Force characters, from the comic books.
  16. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    Wasn’t the DoFP appearance more of a brief cameo? I don’t even think he had a line of dialogue in it.

    He gets a backstory in TNM, but it’s rather thin.
  17. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
  18. mr. steak

    mr. steak Forum Resident

    tempe az
    As bad as the first three episodes of Jupiter’s Legacy. That’s bad.
  19. SmallDarkCloud

    SmallDarkCloud Forum Resident

    I grew up reading The New Mutants in the 1980s, including the Demon Bear story, so I knew the characters and the story (which was altered, somewhat, for the movie) when I watched it.

    My honest response is...I liked it. I thought the idea of mixing the horror genre with X-Men characters was inspired (though that comes directly from the original Demon Bear story, which was horror-themed, with Bill Sienkiewicz's art making the bear terrifying and surreal).

    Having a small cast also worked for me, as it gave space for the characters to develop (though Sam and Roberto were still short-changed a bit, compared to the other three).
    It's basically a teen movie, so, although the movie ends with a big special effects climax, it's resolved with one of the characters resolving a trauma and growing up a bit. I liked that more than the usual slugfest than ends many superhero movies. The acting was great, all around, and pretty close to the characters in the book (aside from making Roberto a bit of a coward in one scene, which was way off-model).

    I didn't think the movie was the greatest super hero movie I've seen, but I've watched plenty, and I thought it was a few cuts above.
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  20. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Sub standard marvel super hero film.
    Preferred it to T E N E T though.

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