Apogee Duetta II Ribbon Speakers- Craigslist Williamsport PA

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    Not my auction, I just thought someone around here might be intrigued. If they don't need any work, $600/pair for Apogee Duetta IIs is quite a bargain. Be prepared to haul them safely- they are ahem 120 lbs. apiece. If you get them, you might want to make two trips.
    Apogee Duetta II ribbon speaker system, pr

    Note the caveats- because these speakers are particularly fragile, and many of them do need work, which can get pricey. Good summary of the potential problems, and how to check for them, in this link Apogee speakers secondhand buying guide (But if they do work, that's one fast, detailed, hyper-accurate set of speakers.)

    Apogees are also picky about amp matching, particularly the full ribbon models. They work best with high-current solid state amps that are stable below 2 ohms. And not necessarily all that well with any other amp design.

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