Apparently "Here Comes the Sun" is the most popular Beatles song with millennials. Huh?!?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by StillTripping6769, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. StillTripping6769

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    Okay, so this I don't really get. Obviously I'm glad that younger generations are seeking out great music from the past and have favorites, etc, etc, and this is just another great example of the Beatles' timeless appeal, too. But . . . I recently read that "Here Comes the Sun" is the Beatles "most streamed" and most popular song with millenials. And . . . I gotta ask . . . why?!? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a nice tune and adds great texture to side two of Abbey Road (perfect sequencing leading off the side). The Beatles were amazing at making the sum greater than its parts like that. On it's own, as a standalone song? Ehh. . . . Again, it's nice. Great melody. But it's never been considered anything more than a B-level Beatles tune. Nice, but not earth-shattering. I mean, if these kids knew anything, "Hey Jude" would be the most streamed. Don't they know it was their biggest single and defining moment? There just seems to be a lack of historical awareness here which is annoying.
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  2. whoman4says

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    I imagine it's quite refreshing for them to be able to like The Beatles without being shackled to 'The Myth'
  3. If I Can Dream_23

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    It has always been my favorite Beatles song of all-time. For me, it sums up everything that I love about the group (melody and ambience wise).

    In fact, it was the one Beatles song I loved well before I ever got into their material at large. While many other songs are now up there as personal favorites, Here Comes The Sun remains the one. :)
  4. sons of nothing

    sons of nothing Forum Resident

    Look at all the loathing people...
  5. The Elephant Man

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    From what I understand, it's the panned vocals that make the millennials love it!
  6. Philo

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    Springfield, VA
    Lots to like about HCTS. My 14 year old daughter plays it on ukulele.
  7. vince

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    I THINK you meant to say,
    "If these kids knew anything, "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)" would be the most streamed!!"
  8. Kate_C.

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    A new and refreshing way to be dumbfounded by an SHF Beatles' fan. Still, some comfortingly predictable elements...
    Questionable premise.
    Generational hubris.
  9. willy

    willy hooga hagga hooga

    Sez who? You? It’s outstanding.
  10. DRM

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    In the age of 9/11, never-ending wars, talk of us only having 12 more years left as a species, certain calamity for our universe, and massive student debt, these young people need some cheerful hope. And the sound quality is great.
  11. altaeria

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    Was there some sort of Kardashians or Glee connection?
  12. NunoBento

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    I can confirm this. Nothing to be annoyed about, it's the song that most appeals to millennials because it talks about something that unites all generations — the joy of the sun.

    You'll be much more annoyed when you find that the new generations know (and appreciate) much more and many more Queen songs than Beatles songs.
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  13. micksmuse

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    funny, one of my least favorite beatles songs. probably cause of over-hearing it.
    but then doubtful many millenial's would have been digging down or have access to "ask me why"
    but whatever the gateway drug, welcome to the magic kingdom.
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  14. DRM

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  15. When In Rome

    When In Rome It's far from being all over...

    Any potential remix will see to that ancient recording novelty in a heartbeat, no doubt!! :D
  16. JamesD1957

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    Cypress, Texas
    Personally I don't see a problem here. Great song. Now if it was Revolution 9 I might see a slight issue.....
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  17. adm62

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    Toronto, Canada
    People make playlists on Spotify etc, naturally many are themed so Here Comes the Sun pops up in many summer related ones and hence gets played a lot.
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  18. NunoBento

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    Not all millennials watch Glee or the Kardashians. This sort of statement is so stereotypical and disconnected with the reality that it's funny.
  19. Musician95616

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    Why is this a problem?
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  20. DK Pete

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    Your OP makes lots of good sense and I agree that HCTS, while a very good song (I'd add a "+" to your "B" rating), iis not the greatest thing they ever did or that even George wrote within Beatle context. But Whoman makes a great point as well. Young fans, for the most part, aren't concerned with "Beatle history" or "Beatle historical significance" or which song was their biggest or how it affected 'everyone' when it was first released or any of that. Unlike "us", rather than being bogged down by all the "wonderful" analytical details, they hear the music for what it is and for what it's worth TODAY in *their* time. I guess just as hey Jude hit that "chord" in 1968, HCTS does similarly in the present day. In many ways-while not as great a song-HCTS is actually more timeless than Hey Jude. The latter is much more, concretely a "Beatles song" in terms of it BEING them doing it; I don't feel anyone that's covered Hey Jude , no matter how well, has come close to the sublime record the original is. But it's so categorically "Beatles" while HCTS, musically, is much more universal and can be appreciated by many people who never really cared for Beatle music in particular....hence those large streaming numbers.
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  21. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Here Comes the Sun is not considered B-level Beatles by the vast majority.
  22. Danby Delight

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    lol Hey Jude defining moment...
  23. Musician95616

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    Davis, CA
    I'd rather hear this than read the Twitter thread I was looking at earlier claiming The Beatles are overrated. Waded through a bunch of morons going on about why the Beatles are overrated, no good, etc. Unbelievable.
  24. NunoBento

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  25. That's great ! George would approve.

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