Are Speakers Corner LPs Worth The Money?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Spotmaticfanatic, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Yeah, I must've gotten one of the very last copies sold at retail. I can remember getting it from an online retailer like Acoustic Sounds, or Soundstage Direct ( bought a lot from them before they crashed and burned ), and I know it wasn't more than 8 or 9 years ago.
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  2. Pushpaw

    Pushpaw Forum Resident

    I received my copy of Pithecanthropus Erectus and yep it’s good. It’s mono, has strong bass and everything else sounds good. It’s got that 50s mono sound and is a product of its time, making it not the best sounding Mingus I have but I doubt it could sound much better. I mean, I also just got MOFI ONe-Step of Ah Um so clearly that one sounds superior. But I digress - SC PE well worth it.
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  3. Pushpaw

    Pushpaw Forum Resident

    Also got SC release of The Piano Scene of Ahmad Jamal. Also a mono release and this one is a quiet pressing but the sound quality isn’t that great, a fault of the recording. The music is fantastic though. Not a must have but an interesting record.
  4. Spotmaticfanatic

    Spotmaticfanatic Lost my shape, trying to act casual. Thread Starter

    Ottawa, Canada

    I just picked up this title and am thrilled with it. The bass is magnificent and everything is superbly done. Top notch pressing, too.
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  5. Spotmaticfanatic

    Spotmaticfanatic Lost my shape, trying to act casual. Thread Starter

    Ottawa, Canada
    Currently listening to Monk in Tokyo. Nor’easter quality. It’s likely a better recording technically than many of his live titles. It sounds very “forward” to me. Worth the money.
  6. Checking on the latest SC releases, and I see I must not have checked in a while !

    2018 - To Bonnie From Delaney feat. Brother Duane Allman on guitar.

    Lacquers cut by Kevin Gray !!!

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  7. Eamon

    Eamon Forum Resident

    Will have to give my copy of the Clown a spin again but recall it being nigh on perfect. Might be a few that got through quality control.
  8. MrBigFan

    MrBigFan Forum Resident

    I only have one from this label...From Elvis In Memphis...and that one is amazing and the one I play despite having other vintage vinyl versions of the album.
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  9. Mike H.

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    new york
    I have a copy of Bill Withers' Just As I Am - SC pressing en route to me. I have heard great things about it. As for some of their other titles, I'll buy most things with Kevin Gray's name on it so there are a lot of titles I'm looking forward to adding soon.
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  10. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    Easily one of my favorite releases from Speakers Corner. Dennis King was the original engineer used for this back in 1976 when it was first released. Kevin Gray did cut this version though. An outstanding live record that is a must have if a fan of Mingus. A bit pricy, but well worth it.

    Looking forward to getting the upcoming (at least here in the US, already out elsewhere I believe) titles of Paul Butterfield's "East West" and Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells "Plays The Blues"...
  11. Pushpaw

    Pushpaw Forum Resident

    Really? Strange, on Discogs it says mastered by Dennis King. Out of curiosity, where did you see mastered by Kevin Gray?
  12. Mike H.

    Mike H. Forum Resident

    new york
    Someone on discogs says it has KG in the runout.
  13. Pushpaw

    Pushpaw Forum Resident

    Huh. Well what do you know. I see the KG on my copy too. Never looked as went by what I saw on Discogs.
  14. Superay

    Superay Member

    Have two of their records, one is from Isley Brothers (not really excited about the pressing) and the second - which i received yesterday is Al Green’s „Call me“. The latter is a horrible pressing that have torn edges and generally horrible sound.
  15. Andy Pandy

    Andy Pandy Forum Resident

    Brussels, Belgium
    Horrible sound?! Are you sure you are listening to the SC release? I think it’s great and so does a handful of other people: Al Green – Call Me (2012, 180g, Vinyl)
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  16. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Personal Survival Daily Record-Breaker

    It's widely regarded as one of their best. I'll bet you anything you do not have the SC pressing but think you do. Look at the barcode on the back of the jacket as well as the matrix info. For sure it won't match.
  17. Adding :

    Minute By Minute - The Doobie Brothers
    East West - The Butterfield Blues Band
  18. Just listened to SC pressing of Aretha Franklin's ST 1961 debut "Aretha" and man, does it deliver the energy. Never tracked down an original 6 eye but this does not disappoint. Superb.
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  19. masterbucket

    masterbucket Senior Member

    Georgia US
    I have Time loves a hero and the 2 BOC titles and they sound excellent!
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  20. Big Richie Thunder

    Big Richie Thunder Member

    After hearing good things about Albert King's Born Under a Bad Sign LP, I picked up a copy. Received a bad copy apparently. There are sound dropouts throughout the record. Very disappointing to say the least.
  21. I doubt it's a Speakers Corner pressing and I also doubt it's an original. The original HC Memphis Mastercraft pressings that I have sound wonderful.
  22. reidc

    reidc Senior Member

    Fitchburg, Mass
    I have a few of their pressings, and have 2 more on order.
    I have:
    Blood, Sweat & Tears - Child is Father to the Man
    Herbie Hancock - Flood
    Mehta - Holst, The Planets
    Solti- Beethoven, Symphony 9

    The 2 on order with Music Direct are both Santana titles... Welcome, and Borboletta.
    I have a number of pressings of the Santana titles, but they are not quiet, and these 2 titles are my favorite Santana pieces.

  23. spaulding

    spaulding Hoi Polloi

    The Windy City
    You’re going to love those Santana titles.
    Speakers Corner also did Caravanserai, Lotus & Amigos. All are my go to pressings.
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  24. reidc

    reidc Senior Member

    Fitchburg, Mass
    I know they've done them. I got kinda burnt out on Amigos...I used to travel through Hartford CT a lot, and seems everytime I drove through, Dance Sister Dance would be playing on WCCC(?). I also have a nice quiet Japanese pressing of it. I backed off from Caravanserai- as I have the MFSL SACD of it.

    Now comes the waiting game as Borboletta is not in stock at Music Direct, although it does show in stock at Speakers corner.

  25. LPhound15

    LPhound15 Forum Resident

    Omaha Nebraska
    Myke, how much is Duane on this album? Is he on every track?

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