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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave, Jan 6, 2002.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢ Thread Starter

    I've inherited an Elvis Presely record titled
    Elvis: A Canadian Tribute on yellow vinyl. From the master recording KKL1-7065A 1978. Aug. 31/57 Pacific Coliseum.

    The outer jacket never came with this so this is the only info. that I have.

    I'm not a vinyl audiophile myself but any information ie. how many, value etc., would be helpfull and thanks. :)

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  2. czeskleba

    czeskleba Senior Member

    FWIW, my 1985-86 Elvis Record Price Guide lists it as being worth $8 in mint condition. Can't say if the demand has increased in the past 16 years. If your copy has no jacket, I doubt it would be worth much to a collector. Every copy of this album was printed on yellow vinyl, so you don't have anything rare there.

    A strange album. Contains crowd noises and introductions (but no songs) from Elvis' 1957 Canadian appearance, along with the studio versions of three 50s songs the album cover says he "probably" performed that day. The disc is then filled out with 70s studio recordings that happened to be WRITTEN by Canadian songwriters. I tell ya, RCA in the 70s put out some conceptually very bizarre Elvis albums.
  3. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    Here's a nugget for ya, Dave.

    The famous "Moody Blue" LP was, AFAIK, *only* issued on black vinyl in Canada. I bought a copy for cheap ($3 or so) once thinking I had stumbled on this great bargain, till I found out about the Canadian pressings. If you don't know the story, the blue vinyls are common as dirt, while the black vinyl (US pressing) is rare and valuable. There are supposedly a handful of unauthorized pressings of this title in other colors, and they are worth a small fortune.

    Anyway, I used this to my advantage. I slipped the "Moody Blue" LP into a big box of junk LPs I sold to a dealer. As I expected, he thought I was Joe ******* selling him this prized LP. He said something like, "Well, there's this one LP in there I want for my collection. How about $60?" So I sold this guy a box of dreck (e-z listening and the like) for $60.

    Some time later, I went back in the store and saw the same LP behind the glass stickered for $250 or so. I even asked to look at it. Of course, the guy didn't remember me. I resisted my temptation to say something about how stupid the guy who sold it to him must've felt. ;)
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