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Art Blakey Blue Note Poll

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vibrolux_Reverb, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Vibrolux_Reverb

    Vibrolux_Reverb Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New Orleans, LA
    Pick your top 3 Blakey blue note albums. As possibly my favorite artist on this label, I am curious which albums people like the most. For me personally I have to go with Free For All, Mosiac, and A Night in Tunisia.
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  2. backeast

    backeast Forum Resident

    Bend, Oregon
    Of the 25 listed I own only 3 so I didn't vote. Just wanted to say thanks for making the poll and motivating me to play Mosaic right now!
  3. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    Mosiac? The title is Mosaic.
  4. Vibrolux_Reverb

    Vibrolux_Reverb Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New Orleans, LA
    Yeah. It's all good. Everyone knows what I mean.
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  5. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    I've been listening to Free For All a lot lately. Love it how the sheer intensity of the performances distorts the sound. A real audiophile nighmare! :D:love:
  6. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy

    Night in Tunisia
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  7. JimSmiley

    JimSmiley Team Blue Note

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  8. Leonthepro

    Leonthepro Skeptically Optimistic Autodidact Debater

    I hope no one picks Just Coolin
  9. Leonthepro

    Leonthepro Skeptically Optimistic Autodidact Debater

    Wish there was 4 options so I could include Free For All.
  10. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    "Free For All" is my favorite. Just furious. "Mosaic" is my second and then close behind would be the darker "Indestructible". "Moanin'"could float into any of those spots depending on the mood.

    Outlier is "Buhaina's Delight". Really a good album that struck me as such on first listen.
  11. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    Free For All
  12. Troy McClure

    Troy McClure Well-Known Member

    Precisely why I love it! Blakey’s ferocious, distortion-causing press roll in the opening head of the title track always gives me goosebumps :love:
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  13. Tom H

    Tom H Forum Resident

    Kapolei, Hawaii
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  14. danasgoodstuff

    danasgoodstuff Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    Big Beat

    although if you took side one of Moanin' and side 2 of the Big Beat, that would be the perfect Jazz Messengers album.
  15. danasgoodstuff

    danasgoodstuff Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    What's the story with Art leaving blue Note?
  16. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Béla Bartók (1881 - 1945)

    My choices: Free For All, Mosaic and The Big Beat (which is a sentimental favorite as it’s the first Blakey album I heard).
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  17. Fischman

    Fischman RockMonster, ClassicalMaster, and JazzMeister

    New Mexico
    Man, this is tough! Moanin' is my all time favorite jazz album, so that's a quick kill. But it's about a dozen-way tie for second place!

    Today, I'll go with Indestructible and Free For All, but that's reluctantly and painfully omitting a good number of other worthy contenders.
  18. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Béla Bartók (1881 - 1945)

    Yes, we all knew the OP meant Mosaic, what are your choices for Blakey albums or did you come here to nitpick a simple spelling error?
  19. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Béla Bartók (1881 - 1945)

    Yes, but then there are the two volumes of Meet You at the Jazz Corner of the World where there is noticeable distortion, but has nothing to do with the band’s intensity.
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  20. Luc.Benac

    Luc.Benac Member

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2021
  21. Leonthepro

    Leonthepro Skeptically Optimistic Autodidact Debater

    Just Coolin is really bad I think. Listen to
    At the Jazz Corner of the World Vol. 1 it has a lot of shared songs and are played much better.
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  22. KipB

    KipB Forum Resident

    Bethel, CT, USA
    I have spent the last year and a half or so getting to know nearly 20 of those titles. What a blast! I can’t pick 3 but I do love the live ones — and that new Coolin’ is a gift.
  23. munjeet

    munjeet Forum Resident

    Free For All, Moanin’ and A Night in Tunisia. If allowed a fourth, I’d go with Indestructible. I guess that choosing the Mosaic 1960 complete box is cheating.
  24. troggy

    troggy Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow

    Benton, Illinois
    A Night At Birdland Vol. 1 is one of my favorite jazz albums, with the great Clifford Brown.
  25. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ CMO (Chief Musical Officer)

    Salem, MA
    Honestly, I haven't heard them all, so it's hard for me to say something definitive.

    That being said, of the half-dozen or eight albums I have heard, Moanin' and Indestructible are absolutely at the top of the list.

    Some of the others I have heard have incredible highlights, but then some somewhat more merely average or above-average cuts. I remember when I was listening to the Live At the Cafe Bohemia records when they were long being offered at $50 as recently as a couple of years ago, I heard some highlights and they seemed to be having some fun, and then I also heard some somewhat perfunctory playing such as exact same rhythmic riffs I had heard before from other prior albums (even from other rhythm sections), so it showed a little bit of a lack of imagination or coasting. Free For All is a candidate, but I wish it weren't quite so relentless. I wish there were a bit more of a balance. Still, it's an exciting listen. The title tune of A Night In Tunisia is stunning, but the rest of the album is a bit of a letdown, never reaching the heights of the title, opening cut. In that light, I only selected two.

    I have never heard Africaine, but from reading about it, it seems intriguing.

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