Audio Fidelity - 20% OFF our entire web site till 5/20

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    From AF's facebook page:

    20% OFF In Honour of Mothers Everywhere - MOMS ROCK!

    On this Mother's Day weekend show Mom that you know a good value when you see one. We are taking 20% OFF our entire web site.

    Buy any of our great classic artists and popular titles from both the regular stock and the few remaining valuable COLLECTIBLES titles. No stopping you from buying something for Mom or Dad or better yet, yourself.

    All CDs and Vinyl COLLECTIBLES and REGULAR Stock are a whopping 20% OFF! ACT NOW - These sale items never last long.

    SALE STARTS TODAY and runs through Sunday May 20, 2018.

    Among our classic albums, superstar artists and popular music you're sure to find some of Mom's (and also Dad's) favorites. Maybe there's something here for your brother or sister as well. But, don't forget you - What about you? We often hear people cry, "What about me" and we're here this Mother's Day weekend for you, your parents and siblings.

    The Audio Fidelity COLLECTIBLES are down to a precious few copies and if you don't ACT NOW you will soon go crying to your mother. Not many classic titles remain in stock.
    BUY NOW ...Discount is applied at Checkout.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase many hard to find and long out of print titles from the Audio Fidelity catalog plus catch-up on our recent releases. It is a good opportunity to add-to or complete your Audio Fidelity acquisitions at great savings.

    The classic rock, folk, jazz and blues titles being made available are among our best sellers. All items are in original factory sealed packages.

    CLICK HERE to shop the titles: Audio Fidelity 24K Gold CDs, Hybrid SACDs and 180g Vinyl LPs
    Or go to our Home Page and click the VAULT LINK at the top right of our home page.

    Club Members get their normal discount on the regular items, but the MOMS ROCK 20% discount applies on COLLECTIBLES.
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  2. masterbucket

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    Georgia US
    Shipping.....ouch! :bdance:
  3. Dan Steele

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    Chicago suburbs
    Just ordered a few SACDs from them, the 20% discount covered the shipping and then some.
  4. masterbucket

    masterbucket Forum Resident

    Georgia US
    Not on singles..
  5. hobbes4444

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    Some pricey collectibles, but might as well get a low # and pay them rather than some flipper...
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  6. mpayan

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    Eh, better on the secondary market. I dont think these will ever reach the prices of the DCC's.

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