Audiophiles going to Extremes!

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Reid Smith, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Leonthepro

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    I dunno about you but I think most of my music sounds good. Its not like Im in pain at how much bass there is and just wish I could tone it back. I research beforehand what to buy and what Ill like, test run it if possible and decide from that.

    There was a funny thing that happened once, and Im not one to advocate for anecdotes but what the hell. My friend who is a local shop owner of equipment went with me to one of my friends places to check out what he could use for an upgrade in his system. We got there and sat down to listen while he went and got some coffee. Once he got back he joined us and realized that things sounded different. He asked something like "What happened, it sounds better than usual, did you switch something in for me to test listen to?"
    The funny thing is that all we had done was to turn back all the dials to 0 as they were way too dialed up for us. Thought it seemed relevant, especially with your OCFA term.

    Im not saying its a horrible feature, Im just working under different philosophies here, as you said.
    I like most of my music and I want to be able to judge the records quality as it sounds through my equipment with the least amount of coloring. Maybe Id use dials more if I had them, but right now I dont see it as very necessary for me.
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    If the equipment is well designed, the tone controls don't add any coloring or detriment when placed in the defeat/neutral position. An amp is not inherently more neutral or accurate if lacking tone controls. I understand the assumption that manufacturers are putting those cost savings into other parts of the amp, but that logic doesn't hold up when you really consider the the economics involved.

    Take Croft and Exposure for example. Where did they implement those cost savings? Beefed up the chassis? More power? Higher quality internal parts? Not that I can tell.
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  3. Leonthepro

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    Uppsala Sweden
    I get what you are saying, but it doesnt have to increase quality, it can just lower prices instead.
    Bottom line is, if I dont feel like I need it, why would I get it? Especially when there is a possibility that I can get a better or cheaper amp without it.
  4. Chris Schoen

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    My equipment is modest, but I think it does a good job of playing the source. I do find tone control handy when it is obvious the source was not mixed or mastered well.
    The Schiit Loki equalizer that I recently added to my system works very well. It is very transparent and has a bypass switch for when it is not needed. I needle-dropped some
    albums that were thin sounding, after adjusting some frequencies with the Loki, and now have cds that are preferable sound-wise to the vinyl, which I was never happy with.
    The Loki could be a good option for those who feel they may want to tailor the sound they are getting from their system or the records and cds in their collection.
  5. I don't understand this one. Surely even if you run a new cable from the electrical pole just to your house you will still pick up interference? You would have to run it all the way back to the original supply to stop the interference?
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    For the first 30 years, I collected vinyl for both listening and value with no regard for which pressing sounded the best. About 5 years ago, I started thinning the collection of doubles and about 3 years ago I changed my emphasis of collecting for value to keeping only the best sounding pressing in my collection. Valuable records have lost shoot-outs to lesser valued versions and were sold. The internet and this forum have empowered me to make these changes with confidence. My vinyl collection is now built upon the foundation of 'best audio, and not 'most valuable'.
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    pver the years I have learned to limit "add ons" and keep my treble and bass knobs at zero. I have changed out components and upgraded as I have been able to afford it. I use this forum to research and see what others have done - what works and what does not. By doing so I have gotten much closer to audio bliss and have a system that I am proud of. I have learned a ton, met new people and have made new friends. Whether it be replacing my old speaker cable or getting my speakers rebuilt, I keep getting closer.
  8. Carl Swanson

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    "Audiophiles going to extremes."

    Isn't that what they do?
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    If you lost control, you can always call a Paramedic...

    With all due respect, but the second guy in the initial video has something decidedly creepy about him. At least, the interviewers didn‘t dig deeper into that ‚girlfriend‘ part. If out of discretion or fear, we will never know. Fortunately.
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    $100k speakers in a 250 sq ft apartment. I wonder what his neighbors think?
  11. 56GoldTop

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    Can I do that???

    (I'm kidding...)
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    Replace those shoes with a better pair, and let us know know it sounds.

    LARGERTHAN Forum Resident

    Age-related hearing loss is real, and barring the fact that you're some kind of biological anomaly, is something that comes for us all. I'm constantly amazed by the fact that the top reviewers in the industry undoubtedly have comprised high frequency hearing to some degree, yet this fact goes unmentioned, and worse still, completely ignored.

    Ponder this - your favourite or go-to reviewer waxes lyrically on the subjective impressions of whatever transducer they have to hand - perhaps it lacks definition, clarity, whatever. Then realise his high frequency response might be something like 20db off what it was 20 years previously. They simply do not hear the same as someone with a flatter response. Is this inherently wrong? Of course not. But it's worth bearing in mind. Play around with a parametric eq between 4 - 8k and you'll get some, albeit non-scientific indication, of what's afoot here.
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  14. George P

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    Preferably ones made in Japan.
  15. stereoptic

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    So the guy installed a new pole on his property with a transformer that just services his house? He is still on the power feed as everyone else on his block except that he has his own step down transformer. It makes no difference if that same transformer feeds 10 of his neighbors (provided that it is the proper size and voltage to serve them) or just him. The only difference would be if it was a hot day in the summer and everyone served by that transformer had their air conditioning on high and the transformer couldn't sustain that load, it would shut down for protection and safety.
  16. Linto

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    Nothing to me more extreme than Mana craziness at it's best [​IMG]
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  17. RhodyDave125

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    The question isn't "can", but "can you do it SAFELY"? :pineapple:
  18. SquishySounds

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    Too much Dynamic Range and you have this. “I can’t hear anything unless I crank it up to 11.” Then the second track starts :yikes:
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    No, Gort - because a transformer will attenuate certain types of noise. It is not just the load from neighbors, it is also any noise generated by neighbors.

    OTOH, it IS craaazy
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  20. That's the dynamic range that any recording of classical music like that should have. Classical played live can go from very quiet to very loud. A full orchestra playing the final of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" or similar works can and should be over 100 dB in the audience for the very loud parts. Classical music listeners expect that. Classical recordings should be faithful to that sort of dynamic range for works like that.

    If you want a dynamically compressed version of Requiem or Carmina Burana then have a progressive rock band like ELP do a bastardized transcription and recording of the work. Leave the true classical orchestral versions of the recordings as they should be.
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    Just in case any of you are curious which speakers those were...

    RM Monitor

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    As someone with powerline regeneration on every audio system, I can't say he's crazy, but I think there must be some more cost effective way to achieve the same benefit. The electrical grid is sort of Jeckyl and Hyde. There are improvements in reliability but also increasing use of digital switching and regulating devices which introduce high frequency complex noise intermittently. It's not imaginary as it will appear on scopes.

    As for his playlist/library, the Far East has a definite preferred list of music which many audiophiles follow. You can tell on Ebay which albums have a Far East buying contingent by the higher prices. The few times I have sold something on their list my Ebay messaging went berserk.
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  23. ralf11

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    I'd rather build a dedicated Audiophile House or room, than a power pole & transformer.

    OTOH, I don't live in urban Japan...

    The future might be using straight battery power to run things (at least the DAC and pre-amp)

    throw a lever to reconnect to a charger or PV cell inverter when done listening
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    Okay, this would last about 10 minutes for me living with my menupausel wife!
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    I hear ya.

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