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    Yeah, there were multiple points where the outcome that occurred could have been avoided. The heroes f--ed up. That was the point. Because of what happened in Civil War, our heroes weren't talking to each other. There was no co-ordinated plan. Tony and his crew did their own thing, Steve and his crew did theirs and because they couldn't get on the same page, half of the universe died. I'm sure that will weigh on both of our squad leaders at the top of Avengers 4.
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    I think too much nitpicking apart this stuff kinda ruins the fun of the movie. If they had done this stuff, we wouldn't have gotten the movie as it is, ya know?

    ^ David said it better than I did! It's because the imperfect Avengers screwed up. If they had done any of the things you listed, it would have been boring, huh?
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    Well according to Dr Strange the way the movie ended was the only way not to lose.
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    I imagine the Doctor foresaw the events that will transpire in the next movie. I suspect that those who "disappeared" at the end of the movie aren't actually dead - they're trapped in some sort of alternate dimension/reality. And I suspect it's maybe the Quantum Realm (or tied to it somehow), which means the Ant-Man crew will play a big part in retrieving them.
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    Some of the good points above could have transpired BEFORE the good Dr. saw the outcomes. But once he used the time stone to look into the future, he could only find one way. I assume we are on that one way.
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    I definitely get what you mean, but with the possession of 3 Stones, Thanos was already pretty unstoppable(not an excuse, to be sure). I've no doubt in my mind, with his will power, that he would've carried out his plan with or without all the stones, as he already has been. While they could kill vision, Gamora & lose trace of Dr Strange forever, no one can stop him. I mean, sure they did a lot of convenient things for the plot so that the heroes could lose but at the same time fan looks really good or just one shotted everyone that came across his path with the stones in his posessposs but he didn't. Like when he got to his home planet, where they hatched the plan, why not turn everyone into soup except instead of fighting them and giving them (Mantis) a chance to subdue him?
  7. 5th-beatle

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    I can understand it working with the hull breach, but he should have died after the blade went right through his body. Instead, he just sat around with a confused look.
  8. jhm

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    Thanos missed all the vital organs :D? I'm grabbing at straws here.
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    That's ok, it's just a film after all. I was just wondering, but I guess it makes no sense. Thanks for replying. :righton:
  10. alexpop

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    And he went up in a puff of smoke.
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    No, he said there were innumerable ways to lose (which they did) and only one way to win (which they didn't but we should expect to see in Part 2).
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  12. Thor thought that he had killed him with the blow-- No need to cut off his arm. On Titan, once Strange viewed all 14 million plus outcomes, he realized that no matter what they did the one outcome where they won included Strange giving up the time stone. He saw that one outcome had to play out for them to reach the endgame. Sooner or later, Strange would be found with the Time Stone and, if he was on his own, he would be less likely to defend himself and, again, we don't know what all of those outcomes were or how they progressed. It's possible he did see one where he did precisely that.

    All in all, I think they did a pretty good job of telling the story.

    Captain America made it clear that it wasn't an option to kill a sentient being while they could fight for his life. As far as Gamora goes, she didn't want to sacrifice her sister and I'm sure she hoped for another outcome where. Did they make some bad decisions? Of course just like soldiers do in war many many times.
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  13. It was explained in a bit of dialog that he and Clint were restricted from participating (so perhaps they chose not to call them) as part of the conditions allowing them to stay out of jail.
    Ant-Man is in the next film as I recall as is the Wasp.
  14. alexpop

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  15. Vidiot

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    It's as if he's already read the script for Avengers 4.

    The 1990s comic book on which the movies are based makes it clear how and why Thanos is defeated (no surprise that our heroes will eventually win), but the bigger question is who will survive for future films. There are some major differences between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics. But I think there are enough clues in this film to point to where they're heading -- particularly in who survived at the end.
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  16. alexpop

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    When's the media available?
  17. Depends on where and what it hit.
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    One word: nanotechnology!
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  19. alexpop

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    Can't wait for the Blu Ray, and idea what month it'll come out???
    Another ~must buy will be Deadpool 2.
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    The BluRay is usually released 3-4 months after the film is in theaters. So, I would guess September/October for release of Infinity War.
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    One thing is for sure: the writers would not kill Iron Man (or Captain America) in this film. I guess they will set their differences in the next film, work together and save everyone. Then perhaps one of them (or both) will die.
  22. I’m hoping they just let them ride off into the sunset.
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  23. 5th-beatle

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    Only if Sean Connery agrees to join them :righton:
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    Something of a shocker in today’s focus-grouped productions. I’m counting on Strange’s insistence that there was only one way to win.
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    I think I must be reaching some saturation point with these movies.
    I wasn't event planning to see it but my son convinced me to go and so I did see it tonight.
    It was entertaining and yet at the same time for me very ho hum.

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