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Bad Company Live At Red Rocks - Walmart Exclusive CD & DVD

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stopbrickwalling, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. stopbrickwalling

    stopbrickwalling Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Virginia Beach, VA
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Stumbled upon this little package today at Walmart for $11.88...exclusive offering.
    I couldn't find anything listed online about it but I am a big Paul Rodgers fan, so I scooped it up.

    You couldn't tell from the packaging but this one has both Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes and the customary Howard Leese on guitars.
    I guess this was recorded after Mick Ralphs' health problems arose.

    Track Listing for both the CD and DVD:
    1 Live For The Music (Live) 3:22
    2 Feel Like Makin' Love (Live) 5:24
    3 Gone, Gone, Gone (Live) 4:32
    4 Burnin' Sky (Live) 6:38
    5 Electricland (Live) 4:46
    6 Ready For Love (Live) 7:30
    7 Crazy Circles (Live) 3:47
    8 Seagull (Live) 4:46
    9 Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy (Live) 4:55
    10 Shooting Star (Live) 7:24
    11 Movin' On (Live) 3:34
    12 Can't Get Enough (Live) 4:26
    13 Bad Company (Live) 5:49
    14 Rock Steady (Live) 4:58

    Someone will always find fault with the track list or lack of Mick Ralphs, I guess, but I couldn't pass up a Bad Co. CD/DVD combo for $11.88.
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  2. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Forum Resident

    DVD only and no Blu-ray format anywhere?
  3. MYQ1

    MYQ1 Forum Resident

    At The Stereo
    How's the performance?
  4. CirculationUnderflow

    CirculationUnderflow Well-Known Member

    Crazy Circles = AWESOME SONG, dunno if i heard a live version of it
  5. stopbrickwalling

    stopbrickwalling Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Virginia Beach, VA
    It's apparently Walmart ONLY and this is the only package or listing I could find of any type....so I would think it's CD/DVD only.
    I just happened to see it in the rack as I walked by and it lured me in.
    Walmart.com still shows it as "coming soon".

    My time with it has been limited so far today but it appears to be classic Paul Rodgers from what I have seen and heard so far.

    Crazy Circles is played with Paul and Rich Robinson on acoustic guitar and Howard Leese on mandolin.
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  6. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    THX for the head up, will have to check local walmart for that!
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  7. Matthew Tate

    Matthew Tate Forum Resident

    Richmond, Virginia
    looks nice
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  8. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    I looked in my local Walmart but no luck. Couldn't find anything in their tiny CD/music section for this.

    I asked 2 different people that worked there in that section about it. Neither had any idea what I was talking about (expected that). Both said I need to buy this on-line (I haven't looked yet but OP said this was not available on-line).

    One of the salespeople went so far to say that since it had a DVD (in addition to the CD) that it would be packaged in a DVD case, so we tried looking for that, but no luck with that either.

    The original post on this makes it look like it is in one of those 2 disc unfolding digipack type things. Can anyone confirm that? Also for folks that are finding this in walmart, where are you located, and are you going to a "super" Walmart or a regular one?

    Also - how long has this been out there? Is this a new product from 2017? 2015? or 2012? etc.
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  9. Daryl M

    Daryl M Forum Resident

    London, Ontario
    Walmart `exclusives' apparently don't translate to Canada. I'd like to have this!
  10. FourWalledWorld

    FourWalledWorld Forum Resident

    It's definitely a new release (Rich Robinson did the fill-in last summer).
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  12. WarEagleRK

    WarEagleRK Forum Resident

    Chattanooga, TN
    Like the salespeople at Walmart know anything about the products that they may or may not sell, especially now that their music section is now down to half an isle. (I say this as someone who worked in the WM electronics dept in college. I would try to talk music with coworkers and it was like talking to brick walls.)
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  13. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    The funny thing is that the first guy I went up to, who was setting up some kind of display in the electronics area, in response to my initially asking if I could ask him about something I was looking for in the music section, told me something like "Yes, you can ask me, I know a lot about music, I am big music fan, I'm the best person to ask". When I mentioned the band name "Bad Company", and that I was looking for what I thought might be a new release (?), that is a Walmart exclusive, cd+dvd, the look on his face betrayed the fact that he had never heard of Bad Company and had no idea what I was talking about. He first told me that it must be something only available on-line. When I told him that someone told me they bought it at a store and that it was not available on-line (yet??) then went to get "the music dept" expert. When that person arrived, they at first told me that I needed to buy it on-line, then told me maybe if it was something new that I should check back on Tuesday (their new music stock day???)....
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  14. spencer1

    spencer1 Great Western Forum Resident

    It would take a lot more than that to get me to go to Walmart.

    I'd list the reasons but that kind of talk ain't tolerated around here.
    I understand.
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  15. Rufus rag

    Rufus rag Forum Resident

    Why do I always feel dissapointed when I see a live Bad Co. release that dosn't include Good Lovin' Gone Bad &/or Deal with the Preacher ?
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  16. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    Thanks for that link. According to that it's $12.96 (perhaps it was even more on sale at the store the OP found it for $11.88).

    I can buy it/add it to cart, but with $5.99 shipping (sheesh). I can get "free shipping" if I add another $22 worth of stuff (I will do that if I can find things I need). I also tried the free in-store pickup but according to their website it is not available at my local store (is at some other stores further away).
  17. spencer1

    spencer1 Great Western Forum Resident

    As long as I can remember Tuesday has always been new release day everywhere in the U.S.
  18. stopbrickwalling

    stopbrickwalling Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Virginia Beach, VA
    It was located on the end cap where the new releases are displayed.
    It is in a regular hard plastic single width jewel case with "2 Discs" imprinted on the black insert along the spine front of the jewel case.
    My pictures are two separate scans of the front and back....NOT a digipak folded open.
    Definitely not in a DVD sized case.
    The Walmart I purchased it at was a Super Walmart.

    Look for it where the new releases are displayed...usually on an end cap along the main aisle or sometimes before the main alphabetized section of CD's.
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  19. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    I remember having to go there to buy that Genesis DVD in 2007. I felt dirty. :shake:
  20. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    The weird thing is that has changed a few years ago - I believe it is now Fridays (?).
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  21. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

  22. Ephi82

    Ephi82 Still have two ears working

    S FL
    can anyone confirm that it has DVD content (ie concert footage)

    The Walmart listing is not too clear on this?
  23. WarEagleRK

    WarEagleRK Forum Resident

    Chattanooga, TN
    It's bad when the employees in the department that sells music still thinks new music release day is Tuesday when it has been Friday at least a year.
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  24. spencer1

    spencer1 Great Western Forum Resident

    Of course you felt that way, you are a good person.
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  25. stopbrickwalling

    stopbrickwalling Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Here's a scan of the wrapper.
    One interesting thing I noted is that there was a UPC sticker on the wrap covering the UPC on the actual back of the jewel case.
    Not sure why they did this unless it will become available at a later date thru other outlets like the Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden.

    Yes, it is indeed 2 discs...one CD and one DVD which is all performance.
    Track listing is the same on both discs.
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