Barnes & Noble in-store Bl. Fri. music deals?

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by Black Elk, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    The B&N that I hit up had nothing marked. But they had the list of all albums that are included in the sale sitting on the counter for the customer to peruse. That was quite helpful. Some things had been sold but most of the albums I was looking for were in stock.
  2. Thesmellofvinyl

    Thesmellofvinyl Forum Resident

    Cohoes, NY USA
    Same situation at one near me, except no list. A clerk scanned what I pulled (about 20). I bought two of the four that came up on sale. At a second store, every sale item had been marked since yesterday. Bought a couple more there.
  3. fmfxray373

    fmfxray373 Forum Resident

    san diego
    My store only had 50% stickers up to letter E so I couldn't tell what was on sale
    from E to Z. I'll come back tomorrow and hit the Escondido store also[​IMG] !
    60% off with membership!
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  4. Walt

    Walt Forum Resident

    Takoma Park, MD
    I visited the B&N in Rockville, MD, tonight and walked out with these albums:
    • V/A - The Music of DC Comics Vol 2
    • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Loveley Creatures: The Best of... 1984-2014
    • Bob Dylan - Fallen Angels
    • Jack White - Boarding House Reach
    • Jack White - Lazaretto
    • Mavis Staples - Livin' On A High Note
    • Wesley Stace's John Wesley Harding
    • Roy Orbison - One of the Lonely ones
    • Wilco - A.M. (deluxe edition)
    • V/A - The Music of David Lynch
    The sale items were separated from the regular-priced records.
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  5. CWillman

    CWillman Forum Resident

    L.A., CA
    Thanks for the tip. I got an email from B&N yesterday about a lot of 50% sales going on in the store, with "vinyl" listed, yet no matter what you clicked on, no examples of sale vinyl popped up. It's a very haphazardly advertised and executed sale.
  6. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    You had me at Nick Cave.

    Went back to the Orange store. Knew they had at least 2 or 3 Lovely Creatures. Boom! So much for restraint, also got Bowie’s Man Who Sold The World, Jack White Lazaretto and St. Vincent. Killed off remaining $4o in GC’s and sprung for another $20. Tremendous value!
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  7. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    My wife kindly went to B&N today to see if they had any vinyl 50% off and she got for me the following:

    The Rolling Stones: On Air
    The Rolling Stones: Some Girls Live In Texas
    Roxy Music: Avalon
    U2: Wide Awake In America

    I had given her a list of titles to look for over the phone and apparently there wasn't any Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie or Beatles for 50% off. It appears that the "select titles" were very "select." Can't complain though, I'm happy with the haul.
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  8. Kyhl

    Kyhl On my break

    Zero marked on sale at our local B&N today. The store was too busy to ask for a price check on anything. Every employee was four customers deep with questions and 20 people in line waiting to be wrung up.
  9. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    55% with membership. 10% off 50% off is 5% more.
  10. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    Membership discount doesn’t work on promotions, I got it to work on one item that rang up wrong which might have been marked half off in error
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  11. Gaslight


    Northeast USA
    Hit up my local B&N this morning. There's a good percentage of vinyl at 50% off but not every title. They were marked if on sale (I checked two that weren' luck there) and there was a section for just these sale items.
  12. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    right it’s select vinyl but not everything on sale is market,I was told it’s stuff they’ve had for over a year mostly.
    Some stores have more than others but I’ve found a lot of good titles

    I’ve been to 3 and the commonalities seem to be
    Allman brothers and Gregg allman
    A mix of Bowie, live titles,bn exclusives, man who sold the world, lodger, pinups
    Various newer Clapton releases
    A few tedesci trucks

    noticed a lot of the rhino start your ear, rocktober and the summer of love releases
  13. Gaslight


    Northeast USA
    From memory some Robert Plant, Morrissey, U2, Beck, Pink Floyd, Iggy Pop, The Xx, Dylan, Radiohead. No Beatles. :)

    I grabbed albums from The Shins, FKA Twigs, Daughter, and The National. Really had to put the self control on overdrive this morning.
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  14. fmfxray373

    fmfxray373 Forum Resident

    san diego
    The only Beatles on sale is the Sgt. Pepper
    2017 picture disc, which does not sound too bad for a picture disc. It will be my beater copy as far as that album is concerned.
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  15. RubenH

    RubenH Forum Resident

    S.E. United States
    When you've had a chance to audition them, would love to hear your take on the "On Air" vinyl, especially if you've heard the CD version.
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  16. Yankeefan01

    Yankeefan01 Forum Resident

    Tonawanda, NY, USA
    My local store had the 50% stuff mixed in with the regular priced stuff. Select Led Zep, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers, Bowie and lots of soundtracks.
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  17. hitmanhart408

    hitmanhart408 Forum Resident

    Miami, FL
    Checked out my local store which has a large selection of records. I walked out with nothing. Anything I was semi interested in had bent corners or scratches all over the covers. Interestingly, I went to this same store last week and today a lot of titles I usually see sitting there for while were gone including what I would assume would be non-sale items.
  18. RubenH

    RubenH Forum Resident

    S.E. United States
    North Atlanta (Perimeter) BN had a 15-foot section just for the 50% vinyl. The new releases, such as Coldplay Everyday Life, were in a separate, regular-priced area. Lots of U2, Sting, some Floyd, Beck, the latest Elvis Costello (Look Now), no Beatles/Stones/Who. A bunch of Deutsche Grammophon and Broadway musicals.

    My haul today:


    Pearl Jam
    Paul Simon
    Kate Pierson
    Diana Krall

    Thank you all for the head's up.
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  19. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    Went back for another bite at the apple today.

    During my visit to B&N Fullerton, I saw two copies of Bruce Springsteen's "Western Stars", one with a 50% off sticker, one without. I'm a moderate fan and had yet to hear this album. Typically, I'd say that late-period Bruce wouldn't be on my vinyl want list (although these titles are easily sourced on CD for pennies). I came home and sampled the first song on the album and was blown away. At the Orange store last night, this wasn't discounted so I returned to Fullerton today. Yep, it didn't scan at half-off but they manually took the discount and my membership 10% also applied. Got this for less than $14!!!

    Thought I'd share my haul as I had to buy a couple more today as well. Got some good listening ahead of me.


    Off all of these, the crown jewel is Nick Cave but my first listen (aside from Toto which was my first sale purchase) is Suzanne Vega. Dang, she is simply amazing. I have never been to NYC but can listen to her sing about New York all day long.

    @RubenH, nice haul indeed!
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  20. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    Part of the sale includes the sh/kg master of cosmos factory and bayou country at $10 it’s a steal
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  21. superstar19

    superstar19 el Borracho caliente

    Canton, MI, USA
    Ugh. Saw those, but wasn't aware they were sh/kg pressings.

    Here's a pic of my haul. Stocked up on a bunch of the Rhino "seasonals" that I was missing.

  22. hobbes4444

    hobbes4444 Forum Addict

    Picked up some B&N exclusives in the sale...
    Robert Plant Carry Fire
    Paul Simon In the Blue Light
    Allison Krauss Windy City

    And they gave me a Beatles tote for buying vinyl. Very nice but for the fact it isn't wide enough to fit LPs...
  23. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    A highlight to look out for, Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World". Beautiful pressing for all of $11.00.
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  24. jhershauer

    jhershauer Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ
    I checked out a couple of B&N near me. They seemed pretty organized, with the 50% off vinyl separated out. I was happy to pick up:
    • Jimi Hendrix: Freedom - Atlanta Pop Festival
    • The Who: Live at Leeds
    • Blind Melon: Nico
    • Jeff Beck: Live+
    • Lou Reed: Transformer (2012)
    • Aerosmith: Pump (I don't think this was supposed to be 50%. Rang up full price, but had a sticker on it, so they manually took off the 50%)
    Thought about a couple of other Who releases. They had the 3LP deluxe editions of My Generation and Fillmore East.
    Also considered but didn't buy Jimi Hendrix Both Sides of the Sky. Not great reviews here, but maybe for $13 would be worth it.
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  25. breakingglass

    breakingglass Forum Resident

    Thank you again SHFtv. Just emptied my wallet today and could barely carry my haul. What a treasure trove.

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