Beach Boys Hybrid SACD (Acoustic Sounds)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jason Manley, Feb 25, 2015.

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    Nice :thumbsup:. You are right; I live so far out in the hills, I don't ever see this kind of deal. I'll get a player sooner than later though. Till then...
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    The stereo Shut Down, Volume 2 is sublime, but a chief reason I obtained the AP release was to acquire the album's mono version in best possible sound. Yet I honestly didn't know when I would listen to it given how great is the stereo counterpart. That is, I didn't know until this morning when I spun the mono Shut Down... in my car. It turns out mono readily plows through engine and road noise. And whereas fine elements of the stereo version are lost in the din, they become part of a more forceful whole in mono, which penetrates the clatter, thereby permitting the album to still sound great under less than ideal conditions. It all makes sense given the music's original audience and venues.
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