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Best 1960s TV Series ?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by alexpop, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. angelo73

    angelo73 field dweller

    Orbiting Sgr A*
    The Avengers,
    Run for Your Life
  2. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    I loved The Time Tunnel! We also used to watch Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, but by the lesser episodes it was dubbed To The Bottom Of The Bathtub. :sigh:

    I have a DVD that came from a UK The Prisoner fan club with a lot of behind the scenes info, also one with different opening/ending credits and totally different music for a couple episodes, a different edit entirely with some different scenes on one, like it was the pilot packaged early on to send to the U.S. but then not used? These would require a Region 2 player I think.
  3. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    They should have done a second take on the b-roll. Oliver changes arms when he grabs Lisa at the end. (56-:59)

  4. D-Rex

    D-Rex Forum Resident


    no cartoon series came close to this level.
    german dubbing is particularly funny because they secondary characters speak regional dialects.
    like viennese or swabian.
  5. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    There are two such full episodes that have been issued on various box sets of THE PRISONER. The pilot, "Arrival" and "The Chimes Of Big Ben" both have these early-edits that managed to be sent out to TV stations for syndication purposes. There had been rumors for years of these oddly edited episodes with different music and slightly different edits and one finally turned up - "The Chimes of Big Ben" languishing in a vault at a Canadian TV station. It was first sent out to the public on early box set A&E DVDs of the show. That first disc of the set was also placed inside the book, THE PRISONER - THE OFFICIAL COMPANION TO THE CLASSIC TV SERIES by Robert Fairclough, as an extra.

    That print was in pretty poor condition and is difficult to watch, particularly on today's great TVs. It has a different theme song (one composed by Albert Elms instead of the familiar one by Ron Grainer), has an extra scene where № 6 uses a makeshift triquetrum to attempt to locate his position on Earth and explains it briefly to Nadia. Other scenes are trimmed differently and the end credits are different. Fans thought this was a great discovery and were happy to have it.

    Then someone, somewhere unearthed another early copy of "Arrival". This one was in much better shape and has been restored on the Blu-ray sets to full high-def. It's got the same alternate theme and the same kinds of different scene trims as the other, but looks and sounds much better. My Blu-ray set from Network has both. "Arrival" is on a Blu-ray as a bonus, but "Chimes" is relegated to another bonus disc that's only a DVD.
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