Best movie to watch while drinking Absinthe?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by SquishySounds, Dec 19, 2017.

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    I loathe Peter Greenaway. He's a talented production designer, but nobody should have ever let him direct a film. The Twin Peaks discussion group my wife and I were part of morphed into a movie watching one when it left the air. They would come over every week to see a film on our 10' screen. It worked ok until a couple of Greenaway fans hijacked the group and we had to watch a bunch of his beautiful looking but morally bankrupt films. The Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover killed the group.
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    Do you have the special spoon and some sugar cubes? Might as well make a production of the affair.

    You will be in good company: Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Aleister Crowley, Erik Satie, Edgar Allan Poe and Lord Byron. If you start seeing those guys in your mind you can forget about turning on the telly.
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    Yes! This is a gift box that includes a glass and spoon. Of course I do not have the fountain with the little spigots that drip ice-water over the spoons (and I’m not paying $200 for it either) so I’ll keep a couple bottles of spring water chilled in the fridge.

    And since it’s my party I get the good glass. Everybody else can drink out of the oversized wine glasses I use for Red Cat
    If you’re not from around here Red Cat is a very sweet New York ‘hot tub wine’ (it actually says that on the bottle). Perfect for when we run out of Absinthe and transition from the movie to Cards Against Humanity.
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    But since you brought it up, I don’t know that absinthe has ever been worthy of its reputation.
  7. How about a TV show? Showtime's Penny Dreadful fits the bill.
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    Kitten With A Licorice Whip or Ernest Scared Stupid
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    Once was enough for me. Drinking it was fine but the hangover has horrifying.

    I’d watch Watership Down or episode 8 of the Twin Peaks revival.
  10. A good absinthe properly prepared is awfully good, but I'd have to agree - certainly anyone looking for some sort of psychedelic effect would be disappointed even if they had access to an 1899 bottle of Pernod.
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    Absinthe was a major part of the plot of Robert Altman's 1996 film Kansas City. Let's just say that the use of that drug does not go well for at least one of the main characters.
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    Is it true that Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?
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    In my limited experience, it's not really "psychedelic" but it is different from other liqueurs. It made me feel oddly awake. And I had no hangover the next day. Too bad it's so bloody expensive! :laugh:
  15. Aggie87

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    Absinthe makes the mind go wander.
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    I second Eraserhead, along with any other Lynch film. But if you really want your brain to melt while sipping Absinthe, I think "Beyond the Black Rainbow" may be your only choice.
  17. SquishySounds

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    Only if you pine for black jelly beans
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    How about 'Belladonna Of Sadness'?
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    City of lost children. [​IMG]
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    Walt Disney animation works :cool:

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    Larger then it explodes :whistle:
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    How about"Kurosawa's Dreams"? It's beautiful to watch, yet potentially mesmerizing enough for Absinthe.
    Same goes for "Where Dreams May Come."

    If you want to push the envelope a bit, Jodorowsky's "Santa Sangre" ought to separate your true friends from the rest :laugh:

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    Close, but it's the tart, not the heart. :)
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