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Best Online Record Stores for New Vinyl

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Vinyljunkie22, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. hitmanhart408

    hitmanhart408 Forum Resident

    Miami, FL
    bummer to hear about Music Direct. I've never had them tell me "too bad, so sad." I HAVE received MoFi seam splits from them but there have been times where i'm too lazy to try and exchange. However, for all MOFI's now (and anything else when I remember to do it) I give the instruction to open and take out the record to prevent seam split during shipping. I don't think i've had any problems since I started doing that.

    also: i started using amoeba.com more because they charge flat retail pricing shipped. No taxes or extra shipping fee. Takes out the need to order more than 1 record to combine and get free shipping with some of the other web stores.
  2. Vinyljunkie22

    Vinyljunkie22 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Good selection but they don't tell you anything about what pressing it is.

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