Best Picture Oscar Winners : The Good, The Bad and The Really?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Wildest cat from montana, Dec 15, 2019.

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    well some make my head turn,but most are good choices I would have picked Picnic at Hanging Rock ,but not when It came out here 1978 ,I would have defiantly put EL Sur on the list somewhere These lists highlight lesser films ,because a lot of times
    some of the best films of all time come out the same year,where some years its hard to find one great film
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    Disagree completely. If anything, Grissom comes off as tragic, a victim of the media circus surrounding the Mercury 7. Not sure how find his portrayal cowardly. :shake:
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    Great thread. I have enjoyed reading everyone's opinions. I have no idea how Green Book won best picture! Someone else said it was good after school special, but no way an Oscar film. I couldn't agree more. What a weak year that was. Out of all the films nominated I liked The Favorite and Roma. I haven't seen a few of them, but I already know they are not my thing. One of the least exciting Oscars ever.

    There are too many bad years and winners to even name. I kind of lost interest when they started choosing more than 5 nominees for best picture. That still really bothers me. It's just to make more money from mediocre films that don't deserve the attention.

    I have only seen 4 movies this year that are nominated for best picture. 9 best picture nominees and no Lighthouse? That seems odd to me. It's a weird film, but deserves more Oscar recognition than some of these films. I thought for sure Dafoe would be nominated. At least it got a nod for cinematography. A beautiful looking movie. I try to see all the best picture nominees, but the last decade or so I am missing a lot of them. Why? Too many nominees and films that just don't appeal to me. Looking back at the 70s Oscars is remarkable. Wow. what a decade! So many deserving winners.

    This year:
    Parasite- 8/10- Just watched this yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I have never seen his other films, but they are all on my list now. Great director, great script, great acting. It deserves the acclaim.

    Irishman- 10/10- My favorite film this year. Watched it twice. I loved it and think it has extraordinary performances. Kind of weird they snubbed DeNiro. A great and subtle performance. He speaks volumes in his facial expressions.

    Once Upon A Time in Hollywood- 6/10- Somewhat enjoyable, but also I thought it was a mess. It didn't help that the person I went to see it with hated it. I liked it, but it's not a favorite and I don't get the Brad Pitt nomination.

    Marriage Story- I can't even rate it because I didn't watch the entire thing. Nothing against this movie, but it's definitely not my style. I don't like any Baumbach films. I know people will disagree here, but I find him pretentious and his films annoy me on many levels.

    I can't wait to see 1917 and JoJo Rabbit, and I am also curious about The Joker. The other two movies nominated may not be seen for a long while.
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    My fault - I misread your comment and thought you stated "Shawshank" did do well at the box office! :hide:

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