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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Jerry Horne, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Those were all important plot points, but I can't believe you didn't comment on the most important one: When Nacho runs all the way back to Don Eladio's place and then steals his brand new Ferrari! That was an incredible final scene!


    Whoops... sorry... "spoiler alert"! ;)
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    I constantly think of/discuss authors when it comes to media. I find it strange to discuss characters as if they actually exist.

    But I don't begrudge those who do, and I appreciate the same courtesy.
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    Interesting video I saw. it is quite long and while it does say "spoilers" if you have seen all of season 5 there are no spoilers. It does a pretty good recap of things, many of which I have forgotten.
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    I'll have to check this out. I just finished my rewatch of the series last night with S4. Have to say, I remembered S4 as not being that great at the time, but this is a show that really benefits from back-to-back streaming--like you, I forgot a lot of details between episodes and seasons. Have to say, S4 was superb.

    A couple things:

    - S4 contains the lone flash-forward to the time of Breaking Bad. Saul and his secretary are shown cleaning out the office with the Constitution adorning the walls. Saul makes his secretary swear that she'll place a call on "November 12th at 3pm", though we don't get anymore info as to what this pertains to. Something to do with Kim in the post-BCS timeline?

    - For some reason I missed this detail when I first watched it, but Nacho is shown with some fake ID's made for him and his father from Manitoba, Canada. Like Jesse, I wonder if he'll ultimately get to escape to a kind of uneasy freedom?

    - Right from the start, Lalo is menacing, loquacious and calculating. He's on Mike right away like a dog on a bone. I didn't get where they were going with all of this back when S4 was airing, but in light of S5, Lalo was brilliant and a worthy opponent from the start.

    Bring on S6--I'll be sad to see this series end as it's the best thing on TV.
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    Yes, that was very intriguing, still wondering what will come if it! Didn't he also say something like, "they will know who you are/why you are calling"?
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    I believe so--Saul was talking fast as usual. She asked in return if Saul would be available at that time, which he said he would. So he is a component to this. I have to wonder if this is how Saul reunites with Kim after the events of BB, as if she's safely hidden away to where even Saul doesn't know where she is.

    Odenkirk himself mused on what might become of Kim and Jimmy around the time of S5 starting (he shares our observation that Saul likely couldn't be the jovial guy he is in BB if Kim were to die in BCS):

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    Thanks, that's a good recap.

    I hadn't realised that the guy 'Jeff', who recognises Gene in the mall, was the cab driver who Gene is suspicious of in S4.

    [Edit: I must have known this and forgotten because I see now that it was discussed in this thread at the time it aired, and I've read this whole thread!]
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    From the recap posted above: Saul asks his secretary to be around to take a call on that date rather than place one. She says, "ok, but if they don't call I'm gone." To which he says, "oh, they'll call."

    He also gives her a card for an attorney. "Tell 'em Jimmy sent you." Howard's card maybe?
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  9. Bingo Bongo

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    Agreed. Well, I'm off to watch Ozark season 3 on Netflix
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    I'm gonna need something to fill the void, and I've been thinking of diving into Ozark (have only seen the first and second episodes back when it premiered).

    But I'm also thinking of now doing a full rewatch of Breaking Bad for the first time.

    Oh wow, I thought it kinda looked like that guy, but you really only see his eyes in the cab's rearview mirror in S4. He has the Albuquerque thing hanging from his mirror as well. Coincidence, or is he connected to the organized crime back in New Mexico somehow?

    Man, S6 has a lot to wrap up. Good thing it's supposed to be 12 or 13 episodes.
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    Does it have a lot to wrap up? I don't think so. I could be wrong but I think Kim is gonna die. Nacho is gonna die. Lalo is gonna die. Possibly all in one big cluster-f that could be handled in one episode if that's what Gilligan wanted, but I'm sure he'd rather toy with the audience a lot and add more humor, tension and drama between Kim and Jimmy. Other than that, we need to into the present and find out what Gene means when he says he'll take care of the cabbie himself. Definitely the best thing on TV, unless we get another season of Curb or if WestWorld regains its footing.
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    That's what I was wondering as well -- Is the intention to neatly stitch the end of "Better Call Saul" right to the beginning of "Breaking Bad"?

    Has that been stated or is that just an audience expectation? Perhaps Gilligan is leaving some space to launch his new product/series in the franchise: "Half-Measure Mike" ? ;)
  13. Chrome_Head

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    Off the top of my head, there's:

    - Saul's payout from the Sandpiper case,
    - Kim and Saul's scheme to knock Howard down a peg
    - What happens to Kim during BB
    - The fate of Nacho
    - Lalo's potential revenge on everyone
    - The cartel's response to the botched hit on Lalo, how it affects Gus and Mike
    - Any other plots they care to launch off of all of this
    - What the "Nov 12th, 3pm" call is all about
    - The flash forward scenes with Gene

    Now granted, some of these plots dovetail and some could be wrapped up in an episode or two, tops. But so far, the show has had an extremely languid pace (as there's only two to three years or so that have passed over the course of 5 seasons).

    I am wondering if we'll even actually see BCS fully catch up to Breaking Bad. I have my doubts. Along for the ride either way.

    That said, I would love to see a show with Mike set in between BCS & BB. I would also love to see a new show set after BB with new characters and anchored by familiar faces like Jesse and Nacho.
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    I wouldn't be disappointed if BCS never catches up to the start of BB, I don't think that is required for a satisfactory conclusion to BCS. Jimmy could settle into his fully realized BB Saul character working for Gus/Mike years before the start of BB. Hard to imagine that would be an "uneventful" period of time in between, but I think the main premise of BCS is telling the story of "how Jimmy become the Saul character in BB," not "a prequel of Saul that gets us to the start of BB."
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  15. mpayan

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    Much of this assumes that Kim is conscious of what she is doing. Like she is some sort of mastermind/manipulator. She may have an innate hidden personality leanings towards this that Jimmy simply fed by his actions, but I dont see it as some master plan by Kim.
  16. Tim S

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    I think this is an audience wish - maybe an expectation from some. I don't think the producers have ever hinted that they were going to do that.

    They've certain left themselves lots of outs - and I trust they'll get it right.

    I don't call any shots, but I think a lot of people will be pretty pissed if they kill off Kim - if that has ever been considered, I think they would lose a ton of audience good will.
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  17. GMfan87'

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    Agree with all of Chrome _Head's last post except I don't want to see more spinoffs.
    El Camino wasn't all that necessary, although it was nice to see a good end for Jesse. (I assumed he'd be ok though) They waited bit long to do it and overall it was a dull production IMO.
    Time to let well enough alone, go out on a high note like BB did.
    Since they showed that scene of Saul packing the office up and mentioning that date they will come close to BB timeline. Maybe it will simply be a flash forward, don't have to delve much in to that world because most viewers know all about it and we now have seen what led Saul to it.
  18. MikeInFla

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    And as much as I don't want to see it again, I think Mesa Verde will also return at least for an episode. Why spend so much time building up that story for it to go nowhere? There is speculation that Mesa Verde ends up changing names and logos:

    I never considered that BCS won't take us to BB but that makes sense. Would even be the interesting thing to do. Just take us on a journey of Saul, not leading up to anything.... But I am still hoping for a Badger and Skinny Pete appearance at some point. And I would love to see a happy ending for Gene.
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  20. MikeInFla

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    She is stunning
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    I love Kim. On one hand, her character started out very much this kind of idealized femme fatale type who was sympathetic to Jimmy, but over the seasons, they have really evolved her into something even more fascinating.

    I posted in another thread how upsetting and disturbing it was to recently rewatch S3 and see her car wreck and the aftermath of it again, even though I knew it was all coming.
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    Cooking with Lalo!!
  23. stereoptic

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    Just thinking about this now - Jimmy/Saul had no cell phone service. Does the transmitter use different technology?
  24. chili555

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    Yes, actual GPS satellite technology, not the GPS-like technology used in cell phones that gets a signal from triangulation of cell towers. The signal can be transmitted to a satellite modem therefore not requiring reliance on cell signals. GPS tracking unit - Wikipedia

    "Is the man listening?"

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    I like how this shot ^^ came almost in a smash-cut following Saul breaking the cell phone after calling for the vacuum repair exit, in S4’s flash forward to BB.

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