Big artists with a 'sell-out' disco hit?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TheLazenby, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Melanie was long past her commercial peak when she released her disco single "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed".
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    Disco doesn't necessarily have to have either.
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    Thing is, a lot of pop incorporated disco. "What A Fool Believes" could certainly pass for disco. They even made a 12" disco single of it that basically extends the song.
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    We agree. Its a great song, and The Doors are the first ones I know who fused many genres into one, and just overall were great.
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    In point of fact I don't think it is a bad song either. It just seems that some of the purists out there including the band itself did not believe it was their best work
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    That's interesting! A rarely (if ever) mentioned fact is the influence of Eddie Kendricks' 'Keep On Truckin' on Shine On You Crazy Diamond part 8. Gilmour quotes the riff played in the break at 2.10 towards the end of the full length studio version (after the fade on the LP), as well as at the end of live versions from 75.
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  8. Davido

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    How could it be? OP says he wants to make a "fun compilation"... and not a bad idea, though a lot of the songs being listed (especially from the dinosaur rock bands) don't much seem like disco to me.
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    Just curious. Where do you think "Arrow Through Me" by Wings lands?

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    Boz Scaggs’ “Lowdown”

    One of my 10 all-time favorite songs, btw.
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    Ohmigawd! So many posts to which to respond to! :D
    It was also that he was dating Cher around this time, and seeing how her disco song {which, intriguingly, nobody has mentioned on this thread} "Take Me Home", really revived her prescence on the top 40 chart, felt (no doubt though, encouraged by Casablanca ~ the home of Donna Summer (read further}) this was be a good move for KISS to do.
    I have the 12-inch remix of "(I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman", and a few more which I identify further down below. In 1980, Rolling Stones records, a shop in Norridge, IL. (a suburb of Chicago, entirely surrounded by Chicago), which remains in business this very day, was seemingly loathe of any 12-inch remixes it somehow was delivered, and was determined to get them off the premises by charging very, very, very low prices for them. I may have been the only caucasian, cis-hetero person who was willing to buy them (and survive the dirty looks from check-out clerks), but buy them I did. Yes - a punk attitude to record buying.
    "Swearin' To God" was another 12-inch I bought @ Rolling Stones records. How could Motown, of all labels, not seen the dance potential of this song?!
    The "Grease" movie soundtrack was the solid composite of every chart style in 1978. Frankie Valli's title tune was disco. "Hopelessly Devoted To You" by Olivia Newton-John was country. "You're The One That I Want" was the Top 40 tune. Marketing reigned, but managed to survive because the music was so strong.
    Orthogonian - don't be so hard on yourself. Elektra intended "The Game" to be the next single off the LP {but then again, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" should not have been on the LP in the first place}, but "Another One Bites The Dust" somehow started getting played on Urban Contemporary stations in major markets (like Chicago), and the label took notice to what was occuring - it was released as a single, and it did better than what they had forecast for "The Game". {C.V.: I suggest that, from 1975-1985, Urban Contemporary FM stations where were you should have been hanging out.} Anyhow, AOBtD is still played on MeTV-FM's "Dance With Me" Saturday night feature - as is "Radio Gaga".
    Don't blame them. The first commercially released rap record, "Rapper's Delight", scarfed the rhythm line from "Good Times". Carmine Appice, of Rod Stewart's band, related that the band spent an entire night listening to "Good Times" to get the beat for "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy".
    Some of these songs I can't comment accurately about, but "When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman", "Fame", & (mentioned beneath) did get a 12-inch remix.
    I have the pink vinyl 12-inch Dolly Parton record ("Baby I'm Burnin'").
    David Bowie said, when listening to "I Feel Love" with Brian Eno, this is where music is going. I need to do this.
    Everybody needs to hear the 12-inch version of "Miss You" if not only for the lyric where Mick's friends compare girls to streetcars. MeTV-FM played this the other week, which was astounding for it, as it usually plays only the 7-inch version of songs. That AOR stations stick their heads in the ground and not play the 12-inch version, especially when they play 12-inch versions of 1980s songs, is irreseponsible.
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    I have seen this song referred to as Paul doing Stevie Wonder style R&B, which I find to be a fitting description; it also has that funky electronic bass line which Paul Simon apparently liked a lot. Erykah Badu sampled the song a few years ago :

    Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long - OFFICIAL VIDEO
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    Right, they played a sloppy approximation of the Martha & The Vandellas arrangement from 1966-71, but changed to a tight, funky disco arrangement in 1976. They recorded the new arrangement in the studio for Terrapin Station in 1977. I actually like their “Disco Dancin’” better than their first take.
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    If you noticed when I posted my reply, it was after 2:00 am. I was being chased out of the bar where I was composing it. I didn't finish it. :oops:
    "Sneakers 54": Sea Level felt so embarrassed by this that it was left off their 'Best Of' release (which I have on cassette). When you had only four records reach the national charts, to leave one of them off your 'Best' compilation is stating something.

    A slow disco record was what brought Herb Alpert back to the charts are a considerable lapse: "Rise" was only 96 BPM. Follow-up singles "Rotation" and "Street Life" also did well for him.

    "What A Fool Believes" got a 12-inch remix. Nicolette Larson's "Lotta Love" got a 12-inch remix. Those were played on WEFM, the hotch-potch station that changed from classical to Top 40. :winkgrin:
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