Bizarre Deaths of Musicians

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mike sullivan, Nov 25, 2021.

  1. PopularChuck

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    Remarkably similar to how Cliff Burton died.
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  2. Wild Horse

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    His most famous song was "Cats In The Cradle"

    Maybe a cat was crossing the highway and he slammed on his brakes which locked? While bringing home a cradle from Wal Mart :yikes:
  3. bob_32_116

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    I always found it incredibly bizarre that Mama Cass and Keith Moon both died at the same place, in a flat owned by Harry Nilsson. Not only that, they both died in the same bed.
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  4. bob_32_116

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    Perth Australia
    I just checked, and this is true, at least if measured by sales. I acknowledge my error.
    Still, "Taxi" wa definitely one of his signature songs, so it was ironic how he died.
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  5. mike sullivan

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    In 1947 Jimmie Lunceford, an American jazz saxophonist, collapsed during an autograph session, he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and an autopsy concluded that his death was the result of a heart problem, but allegations and rumours circulated that he had been poisoned by a racist restaurant owner .
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  6. SoundAdvice

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    British indie rock group Viola Beach were on the verge of stardom when their lives were cut short by a horror car accident in Sweden . All four members of the group perished along with their manager when the vehicle they were travelling plunged off a bridge into the icy waters of a shipping canal.


    2016 and several members were under 20.
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  7. asdf35

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    I heard that the "Hokey Pokey" songwriter had a strange funeral. As they were preparing him for burial in his casket, they'd put his left foot in and he'd put his right foot out...
  8. SoundAdvice

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    R&B singer Johnny Ace Xmas day 1954 between 2 sets was playing with a gun backstage, probably Russian Roulette. Game over.
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    You can’t dust for vomit
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  10. Tim 2


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    Actually, minivans have the highest death rate per quantity of all types of vehicles.

    Sorry for going off topic.
  11. Drifter

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    "Cat's In The Cradle" was his biggest hit and gets the most airplay, at least where I live.
  12. Drifter

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    Vancouver, BC, CA
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  13. nosticker

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  14. Jonny W

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    Four! Pigpen, Keith Godchaux, Brent Mydland, and Vince Welnick.

    Don't take that gig, daddy-o, it's terminal!
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  15. JoeF.

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    I call that a heroic death
  16. SPF2001

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    Florida folk legend Gamble Rogers also drowned attempting to rescue a man off a Florida beach in 1991,but sadly they both lost their lives.
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    Official Albums Chart Top 100 | Official Charts Company
  18. Spotmaticfanatic

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    First page, and I am struck by how few seem to be able to distinguish between bizarre, tragic and mundane.
  19. ARK

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    The point is, he didn’t die of wold age
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  20. Soulman58

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    R & B singer Tommy Tucker was working on his hardwood floors in 1982 when he was supposedly killed by carbon chloride fumes.
  21. SoundAdvice

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    Kristy MacColl got run over by a speedboat while swimming in Mexico.
  22. arem

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    Similar to the Jeff Porcaro “bug spray” story, in the early/mid 90’s my band shared a practice space with a band that had just gotten signed to a big major label deal in the alt-rock feeding frenzy. Their debut record had been out for a few weeks and they were waiting to go one their first big national tour when the singer died of “an undiagnosed heart condition”. At least that’s what they told the press (and his family). His heart condition was actually a crack habit, the evidence was all over that studio. No names for obvious reasons.
  23. bob_32_116

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    You expect people to read the thread title and the OP before they post? Good luck with that.
  24. Kingsley Fats

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    Surely the way for a dedicated musician to go. On stage.

    Nashville singer-songwriter David Olney has died while performing on stage after he apologised to the crowd and closed his eyes.

    The 71-year-old Nashville artist suffered an apparent heart attack during the performance

    Bruce Hampton may be the only person to have died at his own wake. The guitarist/singer/bandleader collapsed on stage of Atlanta’s Fox Theater on Monday, May 1, at the climax of Hampton70, a birthday celebration featuring dozens of his acolytes, including members of the Allman Brothers Band, the Rolling Stones, Phish, Widespread Panic, REM, Blues Traveler and Widespread Panic.

    The sold out show concluded with over 30 musicians on stage smiling broadly as Hampton led them through Bobby Bland’s “Turn On Your Lovelight.” He pointed to 14-year-old Brandon Niederauer to solo, then went to one knee and collapsed. The band, thinking it was a theatrical end to a celebratory night, kept playing for several minutes before they stopped and EMTs rushed on stage to try and revive Hampton.
  25. William Kucharski

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    John Denver and James Horner both died piloting their own planes alone.

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