Blade Runner 2049

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by ponkine, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Phillip Walch

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    It might be that you missed the point. The acting was fantastic, just not something you personally enjoyed. The plot was put together really well and doesn't harm the original, if anything it makes the relationship between Deckard and Rachel more important and builds on the world fantastically well.

    It might not have been to your tastes and that is fine, but many of us found it extraordinary and are still falling for that movie with every subsequent viewing. The audience I saw it with gave it a standing ovation and that is a rare happening in a movie theater. If you are too uptight to just accept it wasn't for you then fair enough but it was not a crap movie.
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    “I want more life, f***ker...”

    RIP Rutger Hauer
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  4. The Lew

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    Watched the first 20 mins or so and gave up. Might revisit one evening.
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  5. Juan Matus

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    I thought it was pretty good. I guess I wasn't expecting much. It looked really nice and the music fit really well.
  6. jh901

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    Villeneuve's filmography speaks for itself. Don't miss Incendies, Sicario, or Arrival.

    BR2049 isn't going to impress on a consumer panel display (especially without surround sound), but it shouldn't necessarily disappoint either. Perfect? No. Crap? Hardly.

    The UK Sony Uhd, which I prefer over the US, screens very well in my home theater. Figure a proper presentation would persuade a few to rethink their contempt.
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  7. Okay, you beat me. I got through 40 minutes of it. Now I saw Blade Runner 2049 after I had just seen the UHD of the original Blade Runner.

    This film is nothing like the 1982 film and nowhere near as good. It's not even close.

    That's all I heard, that it was a masterpiece sequel to the original, but you know, subjectivity is a beautiful thing, as I found it unworthy. :D
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  8. Dillydipper

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    Here's an easy way to get into it. [SPOILER ALERT: This is not the same movie] :shh:
    Just start watching as you would any other film not named "Blade Runner", and then when it gets to the point where you realize the plot may have something to do with a movie you saw 40 years ago, then your brain can make the connection, that we're not living in the same world you were when you saw that film 40 years ago, either. And, neither is the world these characters are living in, either.

    Frankly, the Pop Tarts I had this morning weren't as good as the ones I had 40 years ago, either...if that helps.
  9. The problem is, I was searching for that plot, but when it got hokey with the Jared Leto character, I didn't want anymore.
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  10. davenav

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    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think you should actually watch a movie before posting an opinion.

    Me? I was enthralled the whole way through. Goslings performance is superbly nuanced, adding layers of depth as the story progresses. A stunning achievement, really.
  11. ssmith3046

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    I've watched the first Blade Runner countless times since it was made available for home viewing years ago. I saw it at the theater the first day it was released. Definitely one of my all time favorites. I was not disappointed by Blade Runner 2049 and I've watched it several times. I agree with you about Gosling's performance too.
  12. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you can't finish the meal because it is rancid, then you'd better stop eating. It's fair to say that if it's gnarly on the first bite, the rest won't be much better. We can then say it was a poor meal, regardless if it was finished. :)
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  13. davenav

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    Weird analogy. You don’t eat a movie, you watch it. If you don’t watch it, your opinion is worthless.
  14. Quadboy

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    I still never understood why they hired a guy like Bautista and then did away with him in the first scene.
    I thought he would be having a similar role to Rutger Hauer?
  15. That's a pretty hard stance to call anyone's opinion worthless, but you have that right.

    It's a great analogy, because you don't have to finish the meal, nor the drink, nor the sex, nor whatever you're in the middle of, to decide that you don't like it. And that's a damn good thing about freedom of choice and subsequent opinions.

    I rarely ditch a film in the middle, but this one was pretty bad.
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  16. davenav

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    I just have a hard time believing anyone who likes the original would have that opinion of 2049., especially if they didn't actually, you know, give it time to develop. And, frankly, that analogy is insulting to anyone who did indeed give it time and appreciated it. To try and use your analogy, though, I didn't like broccoli at first, and if you'd asked me I'd have said it's terrible,. But thank goodness I learned to love it.

    Sometimes, first impressions are dead wrong, in other words.
  17. Hey, it happens. Such is life. Life is also too short to indulge in things that one doesn't like. It's just a movie.
  18. AngusStanley

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    If the original was a 10/10 then the sequel is about a 6/10. It’s interesting visually.
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  19. Phillip Walch

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    But life is not too short to talk about why life is too short to indulge in things than one doesn't like?

    Am I the only one who finds your stance baffling? :hide:
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  20. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    my wife and I enjoyed this ...BUT once was re-watch for us.
  21. I just didn't like the damn thing. I find it really difficult to disparage anyone for things that they like or don't, but maybe that's just me.

    I find it baffling that anyone would care that I didn't like it.
  22. Phillip Walch

    Phillip Walch Forum Resident

    Oh, I never mentioned that you were wrong to not like it, nor am I bothered by it. There are plenty of movies others really enjoy that I don't. I was simply raising the point that you indeed don't like it and don't want to waste time on things you do not enjoy, yet are here talking about not liking it.

    I actually find others dislike of things I do rather interesting but you also (while spending time talking about not liking BR2049) did not offer up some thoughts on it. I would be interested to know what put you off so firmly from the movie, or at least the part you watched?
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  23. Runicen

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    One of many shames about 2049 is that there are great elements to it. Gosling, as many have mentioned, is very good. Unfortunately, he's not so good that it carries the entire movie.

    And, if I can take a moment out, I'd like to point out one the great damp farts in the movie: Jared Leto. If I hadn't seen him chewing on scenery like a zombie on a brain casing in just about everything he's ever been in, I'd be charitable and assume it was the writing. Instead, I'll just ask how this pretentious ***** keeps getting cast in movies?

    The film asks some interesting questions and then mostly abandons them for Leto's pretentious posturing and overt villainy (the original was far more ambiguous on the good/even thing and far more interesting for it). It really had potential, but the execution was wobbly as hell. I'm almost more bothered by that because there are ingredients that could have added up to a classic in here. A 100% dud is easier to let go of. Bad sequels happen all the time. They're like death and taxes. Something fatally compromised with glimmers of greatness... That's far more bothersome. What might have been?
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  24. Greenalishi

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    I remember at the time my feed algorithm kept giving me stories condemning the movie. Bummed me out. It’s funny how we are the townspeople with pitchforks online. All criticisms, then, seemed bs to me. Just the, cancel, stuff. Now it seems the film, as reflected in this discussion, is being evaluated fairly. I can see not liking it. But I loved it. The pace. The slow pace makes it so reminiscent of the original. I bought it all. Just cool continuation of the spirit of the first. EVOLIST all you say is totally accurate. But I guess I was so into it, just didn’t matter.
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  25. davenav

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    Same! We were back in that world. The life of a replicant surrounded by corrupt *actual people* was the story. Of course, Leto’s character was overtly evil, he’s almost beside the point in a world where no human is to be trusted. It’s the darkest of dark films.
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