Blue Note 80th Anniversary reissues...any news?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by riverrat, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Ben Toscano

    Ben Toscano Forum Resident

    Hartford, CT
    Whether AAA or cut from digital, I expect these to sound phenomenal with Kevin Gray at the helm.
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  2. Bobby Boogaloo

    Bobby Boogaloo Heavy on the grease please

    Southeastern US
    Man that's great news. I'm really looking forward to these & hope they hold up to his rep.
  3. Greg Layton

    Greg Layton Playin' in the Band

    I get the impulse to want to assume the worst until proven otherwise, especially considering the 75th mess, but there are lots of positives here so far. It's a great time to be a jazz fan.
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  4. Blue Note just take my money.
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  5. Seriously though this year is looking like a great year to be a fan of jazz and vinyl. I’ll probably pass on a lot of these 80th titles but some of the newer ones are gonna be hard to pass up. Sampled the Robert Glasper title yesterday and I am very interested... especially with KG involved.
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  6. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Senior Member

    New York
    If Blue Note is saying we’re using analog sources whenever possible, how about taking them at their word. Kevin Gray is involved. That’s enough for me!
  7. cds23

    cds23 Forum Resident

    Germany, Aachen
    The european versions of the 75th anniversary LPs were already pressed on 180g at Optimal. So if these 80th LPs don't offer anything beyond that, they are absolutely useless to me.
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  8. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    They are different titles, aren’t they?
  9. Starquest

    Starquest Forum Resident

    The quality of the pressing is more important to me. Doesn't matter who mastered it if the pressing sucks.
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  10. geddy402

    geddy402 Forum Resident

    Agreed. If Kevin is involved I have high hopes. Like always, I'm more interested in how it sounds not what source. AAA is great and would most likely yield the best results, but Kevin has a great track record working with digital files (Miles Davis Kind of Blue). I'm stoked. Just need to figure out which ones I want to get....
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  11. Mike6565

    Mike6565 Senior Member

    Long island, ny
    I just got the e-mail from blue-note, I like what Don Was has been doing here as I view from afar... just pre-ordered Dexter and Herbie, what the heck...
  12. I'm sampling Tony Williams' "Foreign Intrigue" right now... strange sounding mix of electronic drums and 80s cheese and classic blue note feelings that we all love. Gotta say I do not hate this...
  13. Bobby Boogaloo

    Bobby Boogaloo Heavy on the grease please

    Southeastern US
    I've got to revisit that one b/c I was listening earlier this week and Tony was all over the place, like he was making sure the listener knew it was a drummer-led session. I mean, he's one of the GOATs but damn that was a bit much.
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  14. I do agree with that. Drums and horns seem wayyyyy up in the mix, especially the snare. He’s letting you know what’s up!
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  15. ubiknik

    ubiknik Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    There is another company that is going to be doing almost exactly the same thing with D. Was and BN, a friend of mine works on their software or some such and he even texted me a list.
    I promised not to leak, so I won't, but it's six titles done subscription style and you would get two to start.
    He also said where possible it will be all AAA, then indicated one won't.
    That's all I could ethically say.
  16. geddy402

    geddy402 Forum Resident

    Preordered Canvas. Great music and sounds good on streaming. Thinking Kevin will be able to bring this one to life.
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  17. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Is this other than Vinyl Me, Please? Their program has already been announced as happening, though I don't believe their six titles have been announced yet.
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  18. cds23

    cds23 Forum Resident

    Germany, Aachen
    You're right, I didn't have the complete set in mind. But I wasn't particularly interested in the 75th anniversary LPs (pressed at Optimal), so this is basically another batch with better pressings for U.S. customers, which is fine, since United haf problems getting them right back then. My concern are the covers; I could live with crappy sleeves with almost any other label, but since this is Blue Note, I'm expecting a little bit more.
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  19. AnkySoho

    AnkySoho Dream Brother

    Los Angeles, CA
    I'm with you... AAA or not, I'll be buying plenty of these as well.

    That said, Blue Note's instagram comments are indeed making it sound very AAA... "Kevin Gray masters direct from analog master tapes whenever an analog source is available."
  20. DeRosa

    DeRosa Forum Resident

    Robert Glasper is an interesting artist, his style is very broad, ranging into contemporary urban genres.
    One thing is certain, he's incredibly talented when it comes to the keys!
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  21. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    That's confirmation enough right there.
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  22. Philo

    Philo Onlooker

    Springfield, VA
    I don’t begrudge anyone their interest in vinyl, but I for one am disappointed that Blue Note quit issuing high res digital editions. Would especially like to see the rest of the jOe Henderson albums and Undercurrent by Bill Evans and Jim Hall.

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  23. DeRosa

    DeRosa Forum Resident

    It's pretty funny how many times the person from Blue Note had to further clarify their answers
    in the comment section, tough crowd!
    With good reason, I suppose, given the lack of transparency with regard to so many reissue programs,
    people want to know what they're buying.
  24. Maltman

    Maltman Somewhat grumpy, but harmless old man.

    Vancouver Canada
    I agree. They have to be better pressings than the atrocious 75th Anniversary crap. The Maiden Voyage I bought had a chip out of the edge and was warped like a soup bowl. Speak no Evil had so much surface noise it was unplayable.
  25. sunspot

    sunspot Forum Resident

    May I just jump in here and ask a question and apologies if it has been discussed in another thread - could someone tell me anything about Blue Note LP's that have no mention of Universal or any bar codes on them. There are quite a few for sale in the UK for £12 (they are 108g pressings). They aren't from the 75 series and there is no mention of mastering, or any logos of the so called public domain labels, but perhaps they are?
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