Bob Costas in talks to leave NBC

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. pscreed

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  2. DaveySR

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    I never forgave him for the hogwash he spewed before the first Baltimore Ravens' game, about how B-more basically stole the Browns (I could almost hear patriotic type music in the background):rolleyes:, while in reality the NFL, and that steaming pile Paul Tagliabue, dictated keeping a new team out of Baltimore, and Modell had the guts to say F-you.
  3. ssmith3046

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    Like Bob when he does baseball.
  4. driverdrummer

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    Irmo, SC
    Yeah most modern sportscasters sound like Peter Griffin nowadays.
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  5. Comet01

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    When Costas becomes eligible for the Sportscaster Hall of Fame, he will most likely be inducted on the first ballot.
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  6. The Hud

    The Hud Where The Demons Dwell

    According to Wikipedia, he will be inducted in December.
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  7. pscreed

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    What an ego. I guess it’s a requirement to be successful in that business. Here’s a bulletin Bob: when the history of the NBC network is written, you will not even be a footnote.
  8. Metralla

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    Born in 1952 - I did not realize that. He has aged very well indeed.
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  9. Chris DeVoe

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    Yeah, he seems to have Dick Clark genes.
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  10. Kiko1974

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    Just like pyscotic people who say they're going to suicide, don't say it just do it. Most of these people don't want to suicide just try to catch people´s attention to get something, I think this may be the same.
  11. AKA

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    He’s currently bound to a contract until 2021. Doesn’t anyone read beyond the headline anymore?
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  12. Metralla

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    I love rhetorical questions.
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  13. Hymie the Robot

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    History of the NBC network? He will be more than just a footnote in the history of SPORTS JOURNALISM. Get over it.
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  14. The Hud

    The Hud Where The Demons Dwell

    I heard Bob prefers Toaster Strudel over Pop Tarts. What a jerk!
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  15. He's already been elected to the broadcasting wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I wish he was the baseball commissioner. Seriously.
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  16. The Hud

    The Hud Where The Demons Dwell

    He would probably be a very good commissioner.
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  17. James Slattery

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    Long Island
    I've met him numerous times, most recently at the 50th ABA reunion in April. I've always enjoyed talking with him. Got drunk with him one morning in Barcelona when we got off work when we were there for the Olympics. Good guy, very professional and knowledgeable. Can be demanding but then anyone who is great at what they do expects the same level of professionalism from others. He and Tony Kubek were one of the great announcing teams I've ever heard on baseball.
  18. Comet01

    Comet01 Forum Resident

    Costas has a ton of funny ABA stories. When he was broadcasting the games of the Spirits of St. Louis (age 23), he looked barely old enough to drive.
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  19. guy incognito

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  20. The Hud

    The Hud Where The Demons Dwell

    Bob might have dated my mom if he found her more attractive.
  21. shokhead

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    Long Beach,SoCa
    Bob's ok sometimes.
  22. DaleClark

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    Bexley, Ohio
    Plus, I’m sure, if he quits, there are clauses prohibiting him from broadcasting for other networks. So working out a deal to leave AND having ability to work somewhere until 2021 else makes since.
  23. JCM

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    Columbus, Ohio
    I don't pay a ton of attention to Costas in recent years because he's involved with the NFL (I like CFB more) and the Olympics (I only selectively watch events).

    BUT... I was a pretty big fan of his NBC "Later" show that aired from 1988-1994. He had some of the best guests and some fairly memorable conversations. He was a good conversationalist, much better than Tom Snyder had been. :angel: Nothing against him.
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  24. Stari Vrag

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    Not soon enough. His smugness trashes every tv segment he appears on. Good riddance.
  25. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    He can make anybody interesting, even sports figures. I wish he would do a show like that again, just a good long conversation.
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