Bob Dylan: Bootleg Series Vol 13 Trouble No More -- Pricing & Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by HominyRhodes, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. WarEagleRK

    WarEagleRK Forum Resident

    Chattanooga, TN
    Just checked my tracking and it is now in my home town post office. Of course it is, the day before a postal holiday. Seems appropriate.
  2. Krivers

    Krivers Forum Resident

    I finally got mine--went to my local post office at 4:00 to pick up it up. No damage detected/no issues with the product. Listening to disc one--it is excellent live Dylan. Hope all others here get their sets soon. What a shipping nightmare.
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  3. shepherdfan

    shepherdfan Forum Resident

    Eugene, OR
    Mine still hasn't arrived yet. My mailman told me DHL will be delivering mine. Plus, I learned about sad news when he told me the reason why the mail delivery in my area has been ultra-late the past few weeks is because he just got done having his son buried after being killed in a motorcycle accident.
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  4. redsock

    redsock Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    There was a Canada Post Delivery Notice slip in my mailbox when I got home. I wondered what this could be, because it could not possibly be the Box this quickly. ... I go and check the DHL tracking site ................. and it is the Box Set! ... I may not be able to get it until Monday morning, but I am slowly becoming happy.
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  5. Petty over dramatic here.
  6. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Not sure why you keep checking in over here. You got your box, congratulate yourself once again, and move on over to the main thread, OK? Thanks.
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  7. Mr. H

    Mr. H Forum Resident

    My box finally made it out of Texas and is now in Maryland at another DHL facility for what I can only anticipate will be yet another six days of sitting in a warehouse.
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  8. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    :cheers: Mine's still "en route" somewhere in America.
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  9. No. I agree that the distributor messed this up big time. But I dont believe the label or Dylan and company purposely tried to screw buyers intentionally. So that type of post is over dramatic. All caps ? Really ?

    One of my best buddies here ordered the same time I did but still hasn’t received his set. He is upset to but taking it in stride. He wrote for a shipping refund and I sent him some of the music via Dropbox so he would have it for a trip.

    Again I get the complaints but this wasn’t a malicious indent by anyone. It was a stupid screw up by dhl it seems.
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  10. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Your role as apologist don't mean squat here. Some people have been saving for this box set for months, as well as touting it in the threads, and they have every right to vent their frustrations and take people to task for making stupid business decisions. I'm happy that you're happy with Blessed Amazon prime and paying expedited shipping fees, and it's great that works out so well for you, but really -- why the need to keep dropping by here to offer up your wisdom and advice to a bunch of ripped off, pissed off Dylan fans?

    BTW: The all-caps was copied direct from Take that up with them.
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  11. bubba-ho-tep

    bubba-ho-tep Forum Resident

    Wylie, TX, USA
    One of the points was the fact that USPS Priority Mail is what was paid for and DHL is what Sandbag “delivered”. At the very least, wouldn’t this be considered a bait and switch?
  12. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yeah, I'd agree with that.
  13. Yes they screwed up here big time. I agree but ups and dhl sometimes do hand off to USPS unless an order is sent for a guarantee one or two day express deliver which costs more.

    It seems this didn’t happen unless FedEx was chosen.
  14. I’m not apologizing at all. I agree the dhl and usps options failed.

    BTW I didn’t order via amazon prime. I ordered from Dylan choosing the FedEx option. I know you can easily track with them unlike the other shippers
  15. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It only happened to those of us who opted for Priority Mail, which is supposed to take 1 to 3 days.
  16. streetlegal

    streetlegal Forum Resident

    I refer the corporate apologists to this quote which sums it up well for me. Bet your last dollar that Sony/Dylan's team made damn sure unsold product hit the shelves on the day of release, including the highest scrutiny and quality control over whichever distributors they chose to use to deliver to the stores--in contrast to the evident neglect of loyal customers who had already handed over their hard-earned cash:

    Sony should apply the same standards of care to those who have handed over their cash as they do to the distribution of unsold product.

    Furthermore, good for those with the "insider-knowledge" that allowed them to choose the "right" delivery option. For many of us, such as I, the choice of delivery options meant nothing--I have no insider-knowledge of the practices and mal-practices of US delivery systems. Is that now expected of me as a consumer? Indeed, I was just relieved that on second try, after cancelling my first order due to a bonus disc no-show, I was eventually able to get official notification of the bonus.

    In short, it has been a really shoddy effort by all those involved, falling below what most would regard as basic good standards of practice. I have little time for those who wish to apologize for this kind of corporate incompetence.
  17. vegard martinsen

    vegard martinsen Forum Resident

    Oslo Norway
    According to the DHL tracking site, mine is still in Melrose Park, IL, US, and it has been there since November 6th.
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  18. Percy Song

    Percy Song Tom's Tambourine Man

    If the U.S. consumer laws are anything like those over here then you certainly have a case if the shipping method used is a lesser model than the one chosen and paid for. The minimum you should receive is a refund of all shipping fees from the retailer (Sandbag). Compensation will normally be offered over here as well, without recourse to lawyers. Anything from £20 to £100 would not be unusual as compensation for an administrative screw-up like this.
  19. Champagne Boot

    Champagne Boot Jeff Foxworthy in a serious role

    Went out for coffee this morning, and when I was going into my building, a USPS van pulled up. Out comes the postman with my package. On Veteran's Day, no less. I guess this falls under the same contractual stuff that compels them to deliver Amazon packages on Sundays. Phew. That hassle is over.
  20. Tribute

    Tribute Forum Resident

    It's like celebrating New Years Eve on January 9th.
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  21. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Here's what I want:

    Compensatory Damages
    1. A full refund of the $174.98 that I paid for the box set. (The shipping charge has already been refunded.) If the box ever arrives, I'll leave it sealed. Mr. Greg "Best Possible Customer Experience" Hewitt, CEO of DHL US, will then have 1 to 3 business days to come and personally retrieve the item. If he doesn't show up on my doorstep within that allotted time frame, the box set will mine to keep, free of charge.
    2. A copy of Bob Dylan's complete 1967 John Wesley Harding recording sessions, and a complete, unedited Bob Dylan concert recording, of my choosing, from the "Gospel" period, 1979-1981.

    Punitive Damages

    1. $1.00
    2. Fruit baskets sent to all of the beleaguered staff members at the Sandbag Helpdesk.
    3. Sign installed on the desk of Mr. Jeff Rosen saying: "The Buck Stops Here."
  22. Tribute

    Tribute Forum Resident

    Does he want a 1956 Buick?

  23. Dflow

    Dflow Forum Resident

    Good for you - I should be so lucky. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Jerry takes over Newman's route and a passer by shockingly exclaims "Mail on Sunday?"
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  24. redsock

    redsock Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    So after a Canada Post employee left a slip at my apartment building - without bothering to attempt to deliver the Box, even though my wife was home AND the office of the apartment building has at least one person present all day long - I went to pick the thing up this morning. And guess what? .............. COD charge of $38.96! :cussing: Which apparently DHL paid to Canada Post and now if forcing me to pay to them in order to get my Box. I paid it and am now going to harass DHL to get it refunded (and challenge the charge with Visa) from these worthless bastards at DHL.

    But in the meantime, I have the Box and the San Diego show - both of which arrived well-packaged and looking good. :)
  25. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    Lucky you. Mine is still “On Its Way to USPS”...:rolleyes:
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