Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Volume 15 (Travelin’ Thru 1967-1969 (1st November 2019) *

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    Not that I recall seeing but maybe I missed it.

    The Rolling Stone article (which might be the only one not derived from the press release) mentions AATW, but only to suggest we probably shouldn’t expect a radically different arrangement:

    “There are just seven John Wesley Harding outtakes in this new collection. “There just doesn’t seem to be many alternate versions of the songs,” says the source. “The ones we have are often very similar to each other. We had to include ‘All Along the Watchtower,’ but it’s not like ‘All Along the Watchtower’ cha-cha or anything. But ‘I Pity the Poor Immigrant’ is great and has a completely different melody. I don’t think anything had more than three complete takes.”

    I suspect any references to the spliced version are from fans consulting Krogsgaard’s listing.

    But now I really want to hear a “All Along The Watchtower” cha-cha.
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    Well, if "More Blood More Tracks" was any indication, undoing splices is not an option for Team Dylan. Which leads me to think we'll get the unused complete take on the box.
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    I'm more focused on this set, than I am Abbey Road !
    Listening to Self Portrait via Spotify, I own no physical copy.
    DVD # 1 of The Johnny Cash Show loaded in the Oppo, waiting to be cued up.
    Side 2 of my 2 eye of Nashville Skyline on the turntable upstairs, as I played side 1 earlier.
    Plans to pull the SH-recommended CD of JWH too.
    And of course, I just preordered the CD set from Amazon.
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    I thought you didn’t order from Amazon?
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    Could that also be another reason for not including more John Wesley Harding outtakes - they didn't want to give the public domain labels too much to be able to sell themselves?

    He may have been trying to avoid admitting they screwed up by not protecting those outtakes. In the Rolling Stone article, after saying “People don’t really buy records anymore", at the end of the article he says: “We have to also see how long people keep buying these things,” says the source. “We’ll see what happens. Right now, there’s a certain amount of physical that still gets sold, so we’d like to keep doing them.”

    So he knows people still "buy records" - or CDs -- or there'd be no more Bootleg Series.
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  6. Dr. Luther's Assistant

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    If it didn't happen on the '78 tour, it probably ain't happening....
  7. Jack

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    $1.83 is a $1.83. :laugh:
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  9. Jack

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    “I don’t believe you. You’re a liar! “
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    I hope amazon cares about shipping it securely as much as Bull Moose does... $1.83 is a small price to pay for good customer service. But I guess the almighty dollar rules over reason.
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  11. the pope ondine

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    yeah....I wish van morrison had someone pushing out releases like this "veedon fleece the complete takes' or lou reed whose archives languish at the nypl…..
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  12. the pope ondine

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    im in. im sure (even) Bob has squirreled away some of early shows we don't know about.....
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  13. Snaphappy

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    I quite agree with this! Silly tho’ it is in a way what you said resonates with me. I’m 66 now. Back as a 17/18 yr old spending hours (literally) in my record store of choice (Oz Records in Newcastle) flicking through the lp’s from A-Z it was always the covets that made me stop to pick the cover out to then flip over to read the blurb on the back. Highway 61 Revisited just jumped out at said “what’s in here is cool, great and it means something! Check me out!” So I did! For your “it’s a Beautiful Day” I play my “Happy Trails - QuickSilver Messenger Service” card

    CDs....just can not, do not have that effect.

    But...generally Bobs Bootleg Series/Box Sets do have an impact. Although...I don’t think I’ve ever physically bought one in a “shop”.
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  14. Percy Song

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    It is a bit confusing. Obviously, MK always reported what he saw in documents supplied to him and therefore would be confident that his information on the splice is correct as described on whatever paperwork was consulted. But it raises a further couple of questions which probably expose my ignorance and/or auditory processing failures:-

    1. How long were the inserts?
    2. Do we know where the splice occurs on the official release?

    I'd hope we get whichever complete take was not used at all on the LP.
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  15. DmitriKaramazov

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    I always love your charts and graphs, HR. You have outdone yourself again. I only wish this chart appeared with the final product.

    But, that said, BS Vol. 15 seems like it was designed specifically for me. (Weird.) The day before it was announced I was wishing we’d get all three live tracks from The Johnny Cash Show. “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”. Maybe Johnny heard my prayer?

    But, that said AGAIN, this set would be EVEN BETTER if they’d also included these additional 6 complete takes. Yeah, I know, if the “fever” talking!

    My main question is, how am I supposed to get any sleep till November?
  16. streetlegal

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    Not much said about "As I Went Out One Morning." I'm assuming this is the version Michael Gray reported having played for him by a Dylan source--a one-off listen--and was pretty floored by. It has to be that version.
  17. slane

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    It has always sounded like a glitch/bad edit at around 0:42 (on the line 'know what any of it is worth'), A bit before that (around 0:34, on the word 'ploughman') there is a volume dip. So I have always assumed this part (0:34 - 0:42) might be the spliced insert.

    Alternately, it might be from the glitch at 0:42 and into the following harmonica solo.
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  18. Six Bachelors

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    Yep. They could finally clear up the confusion (and hair-pulling, on my part) that they caused by putting two different dates for the SITLT outtake on ASP between the deluxe version and 2-CD set. (I still think the one we got is from the New Morning Sessions, by the way.)
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  19. Dark Horse 77

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    And neither one is the B-side from 1970?
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  20. DeeThomaz

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    This really bugged me too. But I think the phlegm-y vocal dates it pretty clearly as a New Morning outtake, when he was battling a cold. (BTW, don’t get me wrong— it’s a great performance. Several of those NM tracks oddly benefit from the strain on Dylan’s voice.)
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  21. DeeThomaz

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    For that, the Pure Dylan comp is probably your best bet on CD (it also throws in the unedited version of the b-side “Trouble in Mind” as further collector bait), though it’s also on the OOP Masterpieces.
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  22. DeeThomaz

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    It was also played at the recent Dylan conference (was that where Grey has his preview?) and, yep, it seemed to knock out everyone who heard it. I was surprised it wasn’t spotlighted in the recent Rolling Stone article.
  23. Mr. D

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    There is mention in the RS article on the Tulsa archive from 2017:

    ...they do have John Wesley Harding outtakes that have never been heard by fans. A click on the first take of “As I Went Out One Morning” reveals a drastically slowed-down, dirge-like rendition of the song.

    Exclusive: A Look Inside Bob Dylan's Secret Archives

    I am assuming this is the take that we will get on BS15?
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  24. DeeThomaz

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    No confirmation yet, but it defies common sense that it wouldn’t be that take.
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  25. Mr. D

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    And if not, people are gonna be p*ssed.
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