Bob Dylan Live 1965 (USA tour)

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    I'm definitely liking the "dig" theory.

    Unless I'm mistaken, all accounts have Levon bailing after the DC show on 11-28, and all accounts have Ginsberg attending at least one, if not both, of the Berkeley shows (12-3 and 12-4). So it appears the "new drummer" played in San Diego (12-10). So either Levon flew out to the West Coast for 2 shows before quitting, or there was a drummer who only lasted the two Berkeley shows. Or so it appears.
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    The heads-up is MUCH appreciated. Listening now, just started with the backstage conversation...

    Thank you!!
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    the dig theory isn't a theory. that's the way hip people talked then. people still use dig, right? maybe i'm missing something, not unusual.
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    Was Dylan hip? Or was he cool? There's a difference, man, ya dig?
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    Yeah, I can dig it. Makes more sense.

    I think it went like this:

    November 28 Washington, DC - Levon Helm

    December 1 Seattle - Bobby Gregg
    December 3 Berkeley - Bobby Gregg
    December 4 Berkeley - Bobby Gregg
    December 5 San Francisco - Bobby Gregg

    December 10 San Diego - Sandy Konikoff
    December 11 San Francisco - Sandy Konikoff
    December 12 San Jose - Sandy Konikoff
    …and on until Mickey Jones in March

    I'm sure Bobby Gregg was doing a great job, but he was a studio player and probably never intended to join the tour long term. Around this time Albert Grossman had him in the studio with the rest of the Highway 61 gang on Peter, Paul & Mary's album.
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    That's definitely Bobby Gregg at Berkeley (this bootleg got the tape wrong, but the picture right: it was reported that they hung Bob Neuwirth's paintings onstage at Berkeley)


    Bobby Gregg:
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    I don't know if it's right--the Still On the Road info says Bobby Gregg played on the Blonde on Blonde session on 11/30/65 which is probably why he filled in on the tour, with Levon exiting in DC, especially if it was done without notice. It says Gregg played the Berkeley, SF and San Jose shows. It doesn't mention the 12/5 SF show and doesn't give detailed info on the San Diego show The "we got a new drummer" conversation makes more sense with your version. It doesn't make sense to me at all with the Still On the Road version.

    Still On The Road 1965
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    I can dig it.
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    Like @HominyRhodes and myself discussed up-thread (see posts #81 and #84), according to Robbie Robertson's memoir, and previous consensus, Konikoff didn't join until Jan 1966. However, given these new indications, I think you may be correct. Knowing that Bobby Gregg would not be available for further dates, they would most likely call a guy they knew and had worked with rather than bring in a complete unknown (pun intended).

    So unless and until evidence or indications emerge that we have a previously unknown drummer here, I am going to go with Konikoff on these dates.

    And oh, I really gotta make time to actually listen to these recordings now.....
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    So here's what we have:

    - Gregg plays at the Nov 30 BOB session.
    - There are no sessions through December.

    According to Krogsgaard,
    - Konikoff plays on the "She's your lover now" session in January.
    - Gregg plays on the "Pillbox/One of us must know" session THE NEXT DAY.
    - Konikoff joins the tour.

    It's entirely possible Gregg missed some of the shows in December due to other work commitments he had (given that he was retained on presumably short notice). However, given that Konikoff was an active member of Ronnie Hawkins' band, based on the east coast and left Hawkins to join Dylan and the Hawks on tour in January, I have to assume he was gigging with Hawkins in December. So my money is on "TBD other drummer" for these dates. If Hawkins tour dates for December 1965 could be found it might shed some light on this.
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    Actually I had my dates wrong - Gregg plays at the session 4 days (not one day) after Konikoff and other sessions after that.
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  13. NumberEight

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    Blues With a Feeling
    Look on Yonder Wall
    Born in Chicago

    are all on Vanguard's Newport 1965 2-CD compilation Blues With A Feeling:

    Various - Blues With A Feeling

    You can also buy it in two separate volumes. Vol.2 contains the Butterfield tracks.
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    Has anyone worked out what Dylan says to introduce Visions of Johanna?

  16. onlyconnect

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    Here's what I got:

    "Now let me sing you this song here this has not been recorded ... it's another song from ? ? record... I sang it to somebody last week so he asked me to do it at a concert so I sang it at a concert and he's was here the next night when I sang it again and he's here again tonight [laughter] so he ?? anyways this is Something like a freeze out or, um, Alcatraz to the ? 9th powers revisited (laughter and applause) ... nothing personal ... [audience member shouts] " ? ? Bob"

    Not sure about "9th power" or "9th powers" or something else? Any particular significance to "9th power"?

    Can we improve on these transcriptions?

    Let's not forget the other intros to this song, such as Melbourne:

    "this used to be called Visions of Johanna and now it's called Mother Revisited"

    and Paris

    "avez vouz du boeuf? Just what I thought."


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    I miss the days when a dozen Greenwich Village shops had the best available copy of such recordings for sale every day
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    Got it (kind of). It's on Cutting Edge disk 1. Intro to I'll keep it with mine:

    Johnston (?): "Alcatraz to the 9th power"

    Dylan: "No! That's not the name of it"

    Johnson: "That's what you told me when you left"

    Dylan: "I switched songs, this song is, uh, Bank account blues"

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  19. Amazing shows. No one sounded as cool as Bob Dylan in 1965. If the sound quality of the tapes was better, either of these shows could have been released officially.
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    I am finally getting around to listening to this stuff. I got through most of the acoustic half of San Francisco.

    I listened to all the backstage banter, and I don't know that I can make heads or tails beyond what you have all discerned. Still, quite brilliant to have such a candid and raw side of Bob.

    To Ramona is beautiful. An absolute gem. It's too bad the quality couldn't be better. As for Desolation Row... as much as I find humor and clever turns in Dylan's work, I never found Desolation Row that funny. Strange audience!

    Tangentially, I also played Mr. Tambourine Man from Newport (part of the No Direction Home download EP). Wow, night and day compared to the '66 tour. Every word is so clearly defined. It's very literal, but beautifully so.
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    I was browsing over at Expecting Rain and I linked to a Five great versions of Desolation Row page. First on the list is August 28, 1965. The sound quality is pretty good and is far better than that on the digital download that came with the 18-CD BS 12. What's up with that?
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    Heard the live Hollywood Bowl "From A Buick 6"
    Really nice.
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    That's because it's not the Forest Hills version but the Hollywood Bowl soundboard version.
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