Bob Dylan – The Bootleg Series Vol.16: Springtime In New York (1980–1985) (Content & Sound Quality)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. The little bugger knows what he's doing. It's a trainwreck that transcends.
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  2. ILoveLucille

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    I thought Sweet Caroline was unironically one of the highlights of the set.
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  3. The Bard

    The Bard Highway 61 Revisited. That is all.

    Now I am tangled up in irony.
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  4. streetlegal

    streetlegal Forum Resident

    It took me a long time to distance myself from the disappointment on this one due to the various cock-ups, but, with the requisite distance, I am currently enjoying this a whole lot more and discovering quite a few little gems.
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  5. mightyquinn61

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    Sweet Caroline would have fit nicely on Self Portrait.
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  6. Themigou

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    There are many gems but it’s an awkward set. I’ve recently made two volumes in my digital library, one for Shot of Love / 1980 rehearsals and one for Infidels / EB. For the first, I’ve added Caribbean Wind from Biograph and the SoL outtakes from BS1-3 and TNM. For the second, I’ve added the Infidels outtakes from BS1-3, Death Is Not The End from DITG and the Blind Willie McTell Third Man single.

    It’s a huge improvement. The SoL volume flows really nicely. I interspersed some of the 1980 tracks with SoL outtakes on disc 1 after starting with Caribbean Wind and they sound great, no need to separate them. And it’s far more satisfying having all (or most of) the related material in one place. There’s little repetition too.

    The second volume is also improved with the added outtakes; Blind Willie McTell and Foot of Pride / Too Late in particular with 3 and 4 takes of each benefitting from being sequenced together. I took out the two live tracks too (obviously everything is on the CD) as they just disrupt the flow. The sound quality and track selection of some of the Infidels tracks is still disappointing but this way, the whole thing is more rewarding and substantial.
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  7. warewolf95

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    I can't enjoy the as-released Trouble No More or Springtime In New York. Had to combine them along with the tracks we got on BS1-3 into a PROPER set. :)

    MUCH better listening, haha. :p
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  8. HuntingBare

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    Yeah I have had to mix some Springtime tracks (new ones, or improved mixes/masterings of old bootleg tracks) with tracks from Outfidels which sound better than their official releases.
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  9. NewWarden

    NewWarden Forum Resident

    the only way to fly

    I split them into 3. it’s especially rewarding to hear the SOL sessions intermingled chronologically.
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  10. C6H12O6

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    Yeah, I've done this when I rip various sets for iTunes. Maybe someday - after they decide they're done producing more physical Bootleg Series installments which they keep hinting as a possibility - they'll do an ultimate box set that has the entire series but re-organized so that instead of skipping around or repeating tracks, everything's nice and tidy in chronological order.
  11. warewolf95

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    Them splitting up the secular/non-secular tracks was the stupidest, most headache-inducing thing for me ever.!!!!
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  12. dee

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    I love the sound of his voice and singing in This Was My Love. Lovely, forlorn song.
  13. Eric Weinraub

    Eric Weinraub Forum Resident

    I love the material that included Mark Knopfler of which there is quite a bit. In looking at Bob's singles from Infidels, none of then included any live material from the 84 Europe tour. Besides Real Live, are there any legitimate sources with material from that tour?
  14. DeeThomaz

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    I believe only “Enough Is Enough” on SINY. Am I overlooking anything?
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  15. Tom Favata

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    Tryin’ To Get To Heaven V1 is climbing up the charts. Closing in on the album take and my fav outtake. Today.
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  16. quicksrt

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    Los Angeles
    Even with some of the great material that is not included, and the short running times of the discs, this is still one of my very favorites of the Bootleg Series of sets. This is because "Infidels" is one of my fave Dylan albums. I like it a lot more than TOOM. Bob's voice is very strong on all of this material imo.
  17. Themigou

    Themigou Forum Resident

  18. Themigou

    Themigou Forum Resident

    I’d buy it
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  19. Themigou

    Themigou Forum Resident

    I made another SINY Infidels playlist, from the SINY Infidels discs unless stated otherwise:

    1. Jokerman
    2. Sweetheart Like You
    3. Neighbourhood Bully
    4. Blind Willie McTell (Third Man single)
    5. Someone's Gotta Hold Of My Heart
    6. Too Late (band version)
    7. Tell Me (BS 1-3)
    8. Julius & Ethel
    9. Lord, Protect My Child (BS 1-3)
    10. Clean Cut Kid
    11. Union Sundown
    12. I & I
    13. Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
    14. Foot of Pride (BS 1-3)
    15. Death Is Not The End (DITG)
    16. Blind Willie McTell (BS 1-3)

    1. Jokerman (reggae remix, from the Reggae Remix EP)
    2. Blind Willie McTell
    3. Foot of Pride
    4. Someone's Gotta Hold Of My Heart (BS 1-3)
    5. I & I (reggae remix, from the Reggae Remix EP)
    6. Tell Me
    7. Lord Protect My Child
    8. Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight (slow)
    9. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
    10. Death Is Not The End
    11. This Was My Love
    12. Green, Green Grass Of Home
    13. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
    14. Too Late (acoustic)
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  20. wpjs

    wpjs Forum Resident

    I am trying to compare the itune digital to the deluxe.
    Am I correct- the itune digital package appears to be incomplete and missing tracks?

    is the CD deluxe the only way to get full complete set?
  21. Kelvin Sherlock

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    Gainesville, FL
    They both have 57 tracks...
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  22. Bonddm

    Bonddm Forum Resident

    There are 2 listings on the Australian iTunes, both the same price.
    One for the 2CD version and one for the 5CD.
    Deluxe has all 57 tracks.
  23. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    Essex, UK
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  24. MicJames

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    I'll read back through the thread if necessary, but in case someone knows off-hand, how is the sound quality on the vinyl, and what was the source (hi-res digital or analogue, etc?). I bought the 2-lp set it when Amazon had it a sale for $14 but it was snatched from the mail room while I was out of town.

    Wondering if I should try again at it's higher price now, or am just as well off with the CD box I already have.
  25. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    I would not go for higher-priced vinyl for an upgrade here. If I wanted an upgrade over the CDs, I would look for high-res digital download. But a vinyl copy of the 2-LP set might be worth it for a low cost re-purchase if you can find it.

    Very sorry about your loss of a Dylan set, that really sucks. But at least it was not the super-deluxe EXPENSIVE set that disappeared on you.
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