Bob Dylan: "Trouble No More 1979 - 1981" - The Bootleg Series Vol. 13

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Liking the released teaser track on YouTube although are the backing singers vocals a tad distorted on the recording?
  3. Yes, they are. Not good at all!
  4. racingman11

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    The documentary it is then. Wondering what the 28 minutes of extra can be.
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    BASEMENT TAPES Active Member

    Here we go again, if it wasn't Long Distance Operator not included on last disc on the Cutting Edge (yes, I know it's live, so are the hotel recordings)
    Why are these 2 tunes not included?
    Let's Keep It Between Us - studio or live version is missing (Bonnie Raitt did a cover)
    City Of Gold - studio or live version is missing (Dixie Hummingbirds did a cover)
    Could have included both from the San Francisco '80 live versions. Go Figure $$
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    I was at the June 11 show! One of (I think four) warm-up shows before leaving for a summer tour of Europe.

    That looks just like him!

    When he came back to Michigan in the fall (Ann Arbor) he was thin, wearing a tight black leather jacket and those classic Wayfarer Ray-Bans.
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    The fear is that since they put it out first, it may well be amongst the best of the sound quality on offer...
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    this one is worse:

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    I am a big Dylan fan, but will stick with the 2 CD version on this one unless I can get the deluxe for £50 or less, which is what I paid for the deluxe Cutting Edge when they were remaindered off. £140 or whatever is too much for me.
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  11. There are some real "knock me over with a feather" moments of incredulity with the track-listing. I mean, nowhere for example is there a single take of Heart Of Mine, either live or the original studio version. There is a new boot of Shot Of Love out-takes and I wrongly assumed this had some correlation to the official BS as someone had opened the vaults recently. If you want some great SOL out-takes you still need the unofficial boot! :shake:
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    Maybe it's not there because there are two versions of it already in the official catalogue?
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    This is turning into an Elvis thread.
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    I hope the Shot of Love Outtake is the one already circulating. It's damn good.
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    "City of Gold" is included (disc 3, track 14). And it is, in fact, one of the San Francisco live performances you mention.

    The absence of "Let's Keep It Between Us" is a mystery (and a disappointment). Aside from numerous live versions they could have chosen, there is also a Rundown recording that I'm quite fond of that would have made a fine addition to the set (especially as I assume they have access to a better sounding copy of the circulating tape).
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  16. Dark Horse 77

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    I might be the only one on this but, I was hoping they'd include the 1981 B-Side "Let It Be Me." Really just for better sound quality as I can only find needle drops. I don't think it's ever been on CD officially.
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  17. Mbd77

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    The absence of the 1980 copyright tape (apart from Yonder Comes Sin presumably?) is a bit disappointing.
    However, this is in 'collectors' hands so just maybe it might be the right time for another kind of cd release? Also the 'better' take of 'Let It Be Me' and a handful of others not included here that aren't currently in common circulation.

    As an aside, somebody was offered a not insignificant amount of money for cassette dubs of the soundcheck tracks that are included here several years ago but turned down the offer.

    Just saying.
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    Anyone see what the 4lp track listing is? I know it's usually the 2 disc version, which would make it a strictly live box. Is that likely?
  19. racingman11

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    The reasoning behind the tracklist of the 2 CD is quite simple.

    If you're a casual fan, or just a music lover intrigued by "Bob Dylan being Born Again" it is much more easier to listen a live best of (including some hits) than a selection a rarities and alternate tracks. If the latter interest you, you're probably much more interested in Dylan than you think. And the Deluxe Edition is for you.

    When the 2 CD it the stores, it will not be aimed at SH forumers following the BS13 thread. Much more casual.
  20. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    Orange, MA
    Bull Moose:
    8cd/1dvd - $150
    4lp - $94
    2cd - $16
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    United States
  22. vitorbastos123

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    Damn, 150 is pretty expensive for me. If it was around 70~100 would be a easy deal for me.
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    This looks beautiful.
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  25. inaptitude

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    $100 for the 4lp set will likely price it out of my interest zone. Hopefully will be found cheaper down the road like the last few sets.

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