Bob Dylan: "Trouble No More 1979 - 1981" - The Bootleg Series Vol. 13

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    Worst error I saw in the notes referred to Jim Keltner's "canon-like" drums on one track :) (Shot of Love alternate, I think ... set is at home)
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    Notes from Clinton Heylin's talk in Sheffield, England:
    1. Good to hear a couple of the pre-song "raps". Clinton is also of the view that they form an integral part of the shows.
    2. No playing of the London interview as advertised which was a shame. Apparently he had to rush off for a train.
    3. Clinton lobbied for the inclusion of 'Angelina', believing it to form the middle part of a trilogy with CW and TGSWATA
    Apparently he was more successful in pushing for including '81 Earls Court over Avignon.<arguing that Avignon was already bootlegged several times over.> Multiple recordings of 'Angelina' do exist. Naturally, he feels the BS1-3 version isn't the best one in existence.
    4. He claims to have heard the piano 'Street Legal demos twice but doesn't have personal access.
    5. Someone else from an "internet forum" thankfully asked the questions about the dates for the '78 rehearsals. I won't steal their thunder by providing the responses.
    6. He strongly believes Bob does have the final say on what gets included in the Bootleg Series releases but no strong evidence to substantiate this claim.
    7. Comes across well in person. His memories of sifting through the tapes as they were delivered and clear enthusiasm when first coming across the only solo vocal live performance of 'Ain't no man..." , was no more faked than Bob's conversion. Like the rest of us, thrilled to hear anything great for the first time.
    8. Makes a bold claim that the only live CW is Dylan's lifetime best vocal performance.
    9. Shamefully stood in (a short) line to have my copy of "Trouble in Mind" signed. Inscription above the signature and the date (which I inexplicably asked to be added) reads:
    "To Mark
    From Matthew, Luke and John"
    10. Lovely bloke.
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    Nice summary. Thank you. Wondering if the person from an "internet forum" is @Percy Song.
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    I finally got this set today. Been impatiently waiting on it to arrive, but that is for the other thread. Opened up the box and immediately put San Diego in on my way home from work. Made it through three songs. Got inside and decided that the DVD needed to be watched immediately. So my six month old son, my wife and I watched it. She looked up recipes through most of the video but had her toes tapping during the music portions. My boy and I were dancing to the music and I pretty much had watery eyes from start to finish. Had I been alone I may well have been in full cry mode. Very important music to me. I cannot wait to dive into the other 10 discs!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The absence of "Angelina" on this set is bizarre. Even the BS1-3 version would have rounded things out nicely. But an alternate version could have been fantastic.
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    :) I know what you're saying, but you must have had an apoplectic fit when you saw the notes on BS10 Deluxe got the date for the Isle of Wight concert wrong...
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    Re "Angelina," the sermons....while still awaiting my pre-ordered months ago set to arrive, the more I dig and learn exactly how this set was assembled and apparently thought processes or lack of, the more I regret paying superextrafullprice. This is the grousings of a guy who hasn't gotten to hear what IS here, and I hope the guy who has heard it will forgive all lacks and the multi-week wait....
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    That's nothing. The new notes repeatedly use the phrases "is comprised of" and "are comprised of," which are grammatical nonsense. "Comprise" Versus "Compose"
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    Nope: I'm nowhere near Sheffield. I hope @SPARTACUS kept a note of the answer in case it wasn't someone here.

    (How do you do that thing with the @username?)
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    I'm pretty sure I mis-used this phrase myself very recently -- happy to be corrected! (I had no idea, and I hate it when I unwittingly partake in grammatical nonsense...)
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    I didn't interpret this as *you* asking the question so much as someone else asking things I recall you inquiring about here on your behalf. Now that I have re-read the original post, that doesn't seem to be the case.
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    Thanks for the recap. Did he dangle any hints about what might be next for the Bootleg Series? (As I believe he did in 2015 at some public appearance.)

    Too bad about "Angelina" -- did he give Rosen's explanation of why it wasn't used? Too "secular"?
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    I've pretty much given up on that one myself. If only 1% of English speakers are using it correctly, then the wrong way becomes the right way pretty quickly. Our linguistic history is full of that type of stuff. What's "right" is only what we've arbitrarily agreed is right at a certain point in time. Usage, grammar, and syntax change very rapidly in language, and even pedants need to be okay with it. My day job is that of an editor, though, and it's my job to notice stuff like that.
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    You must have a nervous fit reading my posts then.
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    Not at all. Smart people here!
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    Here's a question for those more knowledgeable than I: which keyboardist (Spooner Oldham or Terry Young) does more of the bluesy solo break leads (for instance, on the Rhodes on the "Gotta Serve Somebody" that starts the San Diego show)? A few of the solos I've heard in particular are just a *little* bit "off," as it were, specifically timing-wise. I absolutely don't mind, but it almost made me think that Bob himself was keyboard riffing! There's an approach to the delivery that reminds me of some of Bob's timing over the years, whether it be lead guitar, vocals, or keyboards. Whether it was intentional or just some sloppier soloing, whoever was doing that really nailed the Bobism of the matter! :)
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  18. RayS

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    ... now and then.
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    That's expensive! I payed 69,49€ (81$) on 7digital for the 24/96 flac. I see that US prices are much higher, I don't see why?
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    Drummond is a hoot on the live video of "Do Right to Me Baby." Really hamming.
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    Did they indicate which one's weren't? Currently, HDTracks note all tracks as 24-96.

    BTW, When You Gonna Wake Up disc one side 2 is pretty damn amazing. Love the intro.
  22. Tom Schreck

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    Sorry if this is a question that's been answered already:
    Do we know the dates of all the DVD performances and extras?
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    I finally got this just today. I put San Diego on in the car on the way home from work, and then for a while on the way to get some Thai take-out for the family dinner. I had some time to listen to the box proper before the dinner run, and then a marathon listening session after dinner. I've listened to SD through to "Do Right...," both of the first two disks of the box itself, and the Earl's Court disks through to the version of "When You Gonna Wake Up?" I skipped to Earl's Court because of how amazed I was by the power of the 1981 tracks on disks 1 and 2. Then I had to stop just because it was all so intense I couldn't absorb any more.

    I don't have a lot to say yet except for 1) this may be the best, most engaging, satisfying, and revelatory Dylan archival release yet, and 2) HOLY S**T!! I can hardly believe the intensity of the version of "Gotta Serve Somebody" from July 15, 1981! To me that one track is worth the whole $174.

    There's more, of course, but I'm wiped out and a little overwhelmed, so I'm going to go to bed and listen more tomorrow!

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    I thought I saw this but can’t find it.

    Do we have a track listing in chronological, versus track or alphabetical order?

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    get everything: you will eventually.

    his gospel period is badass. I can't wait for the set to arrive.

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