Bowie - Nothing Has Changed - Yours for only £100

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by raye_penber, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Since it's Amazon, this doesn't necessarily mean that is the worth of the product. Amazon uses some bizarre automated pricing tools which do not reflect the true value. Stick to Discogs although that has it's flaws.
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    Agree completely - just thought it was an amusing find on a Sunday morning.
    I remember buying a Steve Vai double LP from Amazon (while traveling through the highlands by train, two summers ago), because it had mysteriously dropped to just over seven pounds. The next time I checked it was back up to £45 again.

    EDIT: Actually, I bought it three summers ago, for £7.14 from Amazon.
    It's now listed at £155.45.
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    What's everyone's take on this vinyl set? I only discovered it through the album designer's website--Jonathan Barnbrook.

    How's the sound? Anyone know any good deals online for it?

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