Box sets that didn't disappoint

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  1. bob60

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    Because it was clearly put together by people who know nothing about glam rock.
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  2. steveharris

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    Nirvana Into The Black
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  3. mpayan

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  4. Tony Cruse

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    What's the remastering like on this box set?
  5. andrewskyDE

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    Puhdys!? Very nice! :thumbsup:
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  6. Cherry Red Records' 2017 box set of early Pentangle albums. They loaded it up with bonus tracks and didn't cheap out on the packaging.
  7. Guitarded

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    The Dead Fillmore West 69 RSD Box is NOT a letdown.
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  8. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

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  9. Mylene

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    The box that all other boxes will be judged
  10. samthesham

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    Moorhead MN
    Dylan,Beatles,Stones & Otis Redding mono box vinyl

    Roxy Music box on vinyl

    Country Joe&Fish Wave of Electric Sound vinyl

    Dylan Bootleg Series Vols 1-3 orig vinyl

    Pere Ubu Elitism for the People & Drive He Said vinyl boxes

    Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf,Bo Diddley,Chuck Berry & Willie Dixon
    vinyl Chess Boxes orig. pressings

    James Brown Star Time

    Ray Charles The Birth of Soul

    Robert Johnson The Complete Recordings orig vinyl

    T Bone Walker The Complete Black & White Recordings rare numbered limited edition 9 LP vinyl box released in 1990

    The Complete Buddy Holly orig vinyl box from 1979 is everything Buddy recorded except a live garage tape in chronological order.

    Ike Turner That Kat Sure Could Play-The Complete Singles 1951-1957

    Numerous Dead box sets

    Harry Smith Anthology of Folk Music

    And last but not least Velvets Peel Slowly and See & The Complete Matrix Tapes

    All of these I own and are strongly suggested
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  11. mcchocchoc

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  12. c-eling

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    Duran Duran
    It includes a few favorite mastering's and comps :winkgrin:
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  13. mcchocchoc

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    Portland, OR

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