BRIAN ENO- New reissues double lps 45rpm August 4th

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by zwolo, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. robbow99

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    I'm curious as to how the new US Astralwerks AGW 1xLP compares to the EU 1xLP release.
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  2. MickAvory

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    I just cracked open the US Astralwerks Another Green World. I couldn't help but notice my Side 2 is cut by Ron McMaster. Why is that? I thought these were all just single disc versions of the half-speed UK 2 LPs done by Miles @ Abbey Road. Discogs doesn't have the deadwax markings (shouldn't that be MANDATORY for discogs, c'mon??).. so I can't tell if the Side 2 McMaster is standard.

    Anybody else's Another Green World side 2 have his initials? This LP just came out recently. I can't imagine a recut this soon.
  3. davebush

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    Speaking of Eno, am I the only one who thinks a 45 RPM double disc release of "Reflection" (a single 54 minute track) is completely absurd? It completely defeats the purpose of the music.
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  4. Echoes Myron

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    You're right...different side 2 with RM initials.
  5. Devilscucumber

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    OK now on my 2nd copy from Amazon US, and Little Fishes is severely defective on both and the following track marginally defective, with ripping static (like a badly scuffed up old record) both have Miles Side 1 and RM Side 2
  6. sennj

    sennj I'm slower than I look...

    Muskegon, Michigan
    Yeah, mine too. Not a good pressing at all and really dished to boot. My two copies of Before and After Science were both pretty shabby as well. Still waiting on a replacement for that one...

    My Taking Tiger... was pretty good, so there's that.
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  7. Jerry James

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    Crap. That was my exact issue, too. I was able to return mine to my local shop, (we opened up another copy while there, and; same problem...) so I just got something else instead. I decided to order one from Amazon hoping for a clean copy but it has yet to arrive... I'm giving up if this one's bad.
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  8. Devilscucumber

    Devilscucumber Forum Resident

    Would it be possible to check your dead-wax for matrix details? If they are different to the US ones it may be UK re-order for me
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  9. Norco74

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    After owning Eno’s on vinyl and CD, I came to the conclusion that the CD is the best format to listen to his ‘quiet’ and ‘extended’ pieces of music. Splitting Another Green World in 4 parts is also something I can’t live with.

    Reading this threads accounts on the new 33 and 45 campaign is definitely setting a no go on my side for these reissues purchase. Too bad...
  10. davebush

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    St. Catharines, ON
    "Reflection" divided into four 15 minute segments just isn't "Reflection" - and considering that the definitive version of the release is the theoretically infinite app, the vinyl version becomes a joke.
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  11. Arkay_East

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    I picked this up today. Astralwerks 33 1/3 ... I can tell you by looking at it that it's dished. RM on side 2. I'll listen tonight and report back.
  12. Arkay_East

    Arkay_East Forum Resident

    Welp. Ronnie McMaster might have got his mitts on this release but these issues aren't his fault. That's non-fill I think. Pretty bad too. The cut actually sounds nice. Might have benefited from the half-speed master if not for the Velcro sounds. Dish warp is there but it's nothing a clamp or weight can't handle.
  13. Devilscucumber

    Devilscucumber Forum Resident

    Can you return it?
    I just got my UK, Miles on both sides, problem fixed, almost dead flat.
  14. Arkay_East

    Arkay_East Forum Resident

    Yeah I might. I definitely could. I don't really want to mailorder one from the U.K. though so I might just listen to it until I can score a better copy locally.
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  15. Devilscucumber

    Devilscucumber Forum Resident

    Forgot to mention the UK comes with a download code as well
  16. The problem with the relative scarcity of Lust For Life (in particular, but I'm assuming other RCA releases at that time) was the death of Elvis Presely. They shelved everything to rerelease the King's catalogue. That coupled with the fact that most Iggy fans didn't take care of their records so well.... finding a superb copy of LFL is difficult. But not impossible.
  17. AZRunner

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    SW FL
    Do you have any statistics to back up this “fact?”
  18. Ben Adams

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    He may not have stats, but I sure don't see many clean copies of the RCA Iggy albums in bins.
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  19. I recently picked up the 33 re-issue of "Here Come the Warm Jets" - sounds very good. Unfortunately I do not have a UK original to compare it to (I've got "Before and After Science" and "Taking Tiger Mountain"). Needless to say this sounds like a different record than what I was hearing via iTunes and my old CD copy I had (don't know the details of it). For 18 bucks definitely worth picking up if you love this album. Crazy cause it still sounds "new" today and ahead of it's time!

    Pressed pretty well too - after a cleaning there was a tiny bit of noise on the lead in and two pops on the second side. Other than that, nothing.
  20. Strictly, anecdotal, but from a good source

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  21. I would pretty much agree with this and almost vouch for it. I worked in record retail in San Francisco at the time of Elvis death. In fact we had just completed an RCA Elvis month . We were a small to midsize store and had a full box of every single Elvis record i stock. Some sold a fair amount and some didn't sell at all. We had backed them all away to ship back the day before Elvis dies. That morning there was a small live waiting for us to one and we pulled them all out again. We sold out most of them in a few days.

    But then it was hard to get product form RCA so I know they kicked in high gear praising Elvis records. Not sure how it affected other titles but I'd bet that there was a delay on anything else from the label for several months
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  22. baconbadge

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    I know they're different formats, but has anyone compared the new 33.3 Warm Jets LP reissue with the DSD disc for sound quality/clarity? Are all the details present on the DSD on the vinyl too, or is the vinyl murkier?
  23. elvisizer

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    Dsd disc? What dsd disc is this?
  24. clarknovember

    clarknovember Well-Known Member

    Coventry, UK
    The CD release from 2004 badged as ‘DSD Original Masters Series‘.
  25. Now that you mention it I think that was the CD that I heard years ago. My recollection is that the new 33 I got blows it away. “Here come the warm jets” anyway.

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