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Brian Johnson’s Hi Fi

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ital Galore, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. Ital Galore

    Ital Galore Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Perth WA Australia

    Any idea what gear Brian Johnson has behind him looks interesting
  2. 33na3rd

    33na3rd Forum Resident

    SW Washington, USA
    Looks like a PrimaLuna CD Player, Pre Amp, and Mono Power Amps. I don't know the rest, but it does look interesting.
  3. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    I liked his message. He seems genuinely appreciative for his fans. I think the new album is great.
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  4. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    The sweet spot is a bar. :)

    Very nice video.
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  5. bruce2

    bruce2 Forum Resident

    Connecticut, USA
    Didn't he have to leave the band originally because he had gone almost completely deaf? I wonder how his hearing is now.
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  6. Swann36

    Swann36 A widower finding solace in music

    Lincoln, UK
    I'm sure i've read he has some electronic aids that he's effectively trialled that he can't talk about yet due to commercial developments that have enabled him to hear enough (or very well) to be able to sing again, i think he said he'd love to be able to tell all but the 'guys' who have developed them are getting them ready for market so to speak... so watch this space
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  7. Blank Frank

    Blank Frank King of Carrot Flowers

    He has what he recently described as "prosthetic ears" and reckons he can hear well enough to perfom.
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  8. dennis the menace

    dennis the menace Forum Veteran

    Thanks for posting this. The man seems like a genuine simple nice guy !!
  9. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    I agree. I think he's just happy to be able to sing again and the band was able to record a really solid album.
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  10. coolhandjjl

    coolhandjjl Embiggened Pompatus

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  11. bhazen

    bhazen Fab Fourever

    Newcastle, WA
    Nice hifi, I'm sure ...

    I'm struck by what a decent chap he seems; no pretensions, no assumed rock star cool. I didn't know he was a Geordie!
  12. The Pinhead

    The Pinhead SUDACA ROÑOSO

    Neither did I !

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  13. sound chaser

    sound chaser Forum Resident

    North East UK.
    He was also in 'Geordie' :).
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  14. Blank Frank

    Blank Frank King of Carrot Flowers

    If we are counting County Durham as being a Geordie...Aye, he's not done bad for a Dunston lad.

    Saw him in Geordie, supporting someone or other at Newcastle City Hall...Maaaaan he could scream!
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  15. rocnred

    rocnred Southwest Desert Freak-a-zoid

    San Diego, CA
    I remember a TV show in the 70's called "The Six Million Dollar Man". Hmmmm
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  16. rockin_since_58

    rockin_since_58 Forum Resident

    Simi Valley, CA
    We have the technology to put him back together...
  17. Roycer

    Roycer Forum Resident

    Looks like Primaluna amps,Rouge audio pre and Nola KO speakers?
    not sure of the rest
  18. StimpyWan

    StimpyWan Forum Resident

    The speakers look like Nola Boxer KO3's.

    Nola Speakers

    Edit - Brian must have read this Stereophile post.

    (Sorry, can't get the speaker pictures to post).
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2020
  19. fretter

    fretter Forum Resident

    Love the look of the speakers with all the tweeters, and what's obviously a tropical-style home bar.

    How about some Geordie! Nice cover version.

  20. Big Blue

    Big Blue Forum Resident

    Wasn’t the concern that he would go completely deaf if he continued the tour? Not that it was effecting how well he could sing? I understood it to be a health decision...
  21. Big Blue

    Big Blue Forum Resident

    My first thought was “How much does it matter how good a nearly-deaf guy’s hi-fi is?” But, I would assume a man of his means who obviously loves music is bound to have something pretty good, regardless...
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  22. james

    james Forum Resident

    just like the music
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  23. JohnQVD

    JohnQVD is adjusting to having a fully manual turntable

    Buffalo, NY
    I think it may have been both. I read an interview a week or two ago where he was talking about not being able to hear anything on stage the last bunch of gigs and trying to sing completely from muscle memory. I’m trying to remember where it was.
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  24. Roycer

    Roycer Forum Resident

    So guess the OP was answered?
  25. TerryB

    TerryB Forum Resident

    Calais, VT
    I would have thought his hifi would consist of a couple of Marshall stacks.
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