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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rrbbkk, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. rrbbkk

    rrbbkk Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Bryan Ferry co-opted the ROXY MUSIC sound for his solo work years ago and he's done it again with the excellent "Avonmore." I've never understood why he doesn't just let Phil Manzenera lay in some guitar parts and Andy McKay drop in some sax throughout the solo stuff he's been doing. It would create new ROXY music instantly and the world would rejoice. I'm guessing credit and who gets paid for what (and how much) issues are the issue. Too bad.
  2. tspit74

    tspit74 Forum Resident

    Woodridge, IL, USA
    Probably for the same reason that I don't hang out with the guys from my jr. High lunch table anymore. Time moves on and people change.

    Ferry knows exactly what he wants. Why bring two guys and 40 years of baggage into a situation that's going to turn out the same either way?
  3. rrbbkk

    rrbbkk Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Bigger bucks.
  4. The Panda

    The Panda Forum Mutant

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    Years of working together in a partnership to create something great, now you're a hired hand brought in to play a part on a solo album, then go home? Nope, I can see why they wouldn't dig it.
    Besides, a new RM lp would sell monster numbers sight unseen, more than a Bryan solo lp. So then, after that, Bryan's left once again with 'why do another solo album? We want another Roxy lp.'
  5. stevepafford

    stevepafford Well-Known Member

    Ferry loves recording nine - NINE - guitarists' parts for a solitary sing then spend aeons editing them in do that there may only be a couple of seconds of their work on the finished article.

    Can you imagine Manzanera putting up with that?

    My guess is that BF was canny enough to use his own studio for the aborted Roxy album sessions so that he retains the rights to pick at the material and use for his solo projects as he sees fit.
  6. Bumping this. Wondering if the new Bryan Ferry SACDs is indicative of whether we will be getting remastered box set for a Ferry's solo albums.
  7. SoporJoe

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  8. dpv2008

    dpv2008 Forum Resident

    Nice picture.
  9. Holerbot6000

    Holerbot6000 Forum Resident

    I don't think any of this is very fair. Phil and Andy have often appeared on Bryan's solo records. I don't think it's a big deal. I think Bryan is just a restless creative soul who can't always pursue his muse within the confines of a band. Once it becomes a Roxy thing, there are a million potential constraints that pop up that must be honored and that may be something he just doesn't want to deal with anymore.

    On top of that, I personally think Bryan has been on a bit of a creative tear lately, with a very consistent series of solo joints and all the stuff he did with his orchestra and for The Great Gatsby was really cool! Those experiments in adapting Roxy songs to big band arrangements, man I could go for a whole album of those.

    I'd love to see Roxy get together for one last round and I do think they've got at least one great record left in them, but it will only work if they are all really into it and, if not, leave it alone. We still have the music they did do and that's enough.
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