Buying digital movie files?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Peace N. Love, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Peace N. Love

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    Since we nowadays end up doing a lot of our movie viewing on our computer, I am curious if there's a good legit source from which to purchase high-quality digital files of movies.

    I've bought a few things through iTunes, but am irritated because you can only play them in iTunes and you can't just open them up in VLC or whatever. I'd ideally like to be able to get files that I can play with whatever video player i want, and also that can even be put on a memory stick and played on a different laptop, etc.

    Surely something like this must be an option.
  2. Deesky

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    Not legally...
  3. Vidiot

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    Anything you can watch, you can record. There are methods to record an HDMI signal, but you have to jump through a few hoops in order to do it.
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  4. Peace N. Love

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    Thanks. It seems odd, when so many of are eagerly buying music files, including hi-res one on the audio side, that there aren't similar options on the movie/TV side of things.

    For example, there was a movie I wanted to get. I could buy the DVD, but it seems a bit silly when I'm just going to watch it on my computer anyway and possibly rip a copy for personal use.

    Maybe it's about the companies having some sort of perceived "control" of the product and/or they don't want files floating around, lest they start getting "shared" without people paying.
  5. Deesky

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    That ship has sailed long ago, but they can't be seen to be making it easy.
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  6. Michael

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    yea, but i don't know any! LOL.
  7. Vidiot

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    Google can be your friend. Get a Hauppauge box, get an HDMI splitter that removes HDCP, and you're in business. It ain't rocket science.
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  8. Michael

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    I only buy Blu-ray or DVD. The reason why digital files force you to use authorized apps is because of piracy. The problem with buying files inside of these systems is that the licenses change meaning you could be locked out at any moment for any reason and nothing says they have to keep your purchases available after you buy them. However with a disc, you will always have control over the content and don't need 'authorized accounts' to watch stuff. Not yet at least.

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