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DCC Archive Calling all 222 DCC members

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dr. Winston, Oct 28, 2001.

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  1. Dr. Winston

    Dr. Winston New Member Thread Starter

    Thought it might be fun to ask every member to post on a single topic. The topic is : If you could choose just one album to be remastered by Steve what would it be. For this poll, forget legalities or remote possibilities--just choose the album. I ask that no one post more than once within this post as I'd also like to see how many of the 222 members are checking in regularly. I'd like to tabulate the top 5 picks within two weeks. Thanks.

    Doc's pick---The Beatles-Abbey Road
  2. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    I'd pick Mason Williams Phonograph Record. To have the Hoffman version of "Classical Gas" would be perfect unless Steve has heard the master and that the WB CD sounds like the master tape.
  3. Grant

    Grant Just chillin'!

    United States
    JUST ONE????? Aw man! One? O.K., it'a a tossup, "Abbey Road" or the MONO "Sgt. Pepper"...hmmmmm, I'll have to flip a coin. Hang on...heads "Abbey". Tails, "Pepper". Here goes...TAILS

    The original MONO mix of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" it is.

    Can I make it two out of three?
  4. Angel

    Angel New Member

    Hollywood, Ca.
    The Rolling Stones: "Aftermath" both stereo and mono mixes

    The Beatles: "Beatles For Sale"

    Oops, that's two ;)
  5. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    Paul Simon's Graceland
  6. Metralla

    Metralla Joined Jan 13, 2002

    San Jose, CA
    This is hard.

    First up, there is not much point in picking an album that was initially mastered quite well. I'm thinking of the previously suggested "Graceland", for while I do love that record/CD, it is very well recorded. Steve would make a gem of it, of course.

    There is not much point in picking an album that is mastered on SACD. As long as the masters that were used for the SACD were reasonable, I think the advantages of the hi-rez system would outweigh a DCC mastered Red Book. This eliminates "Kind of Blue" for example.

    There is not much point in choosing an album that is currently available on top-quality vinyl. For example, Classic Records "Led Zeppelin"s are all still available, though pricey. On a personal note, I can't select an album I have on MFSL vinyl, so that rules out DSOTM and all The Beatles. I hate to do this, but I only get one vote.

    I would not select some classic that's coming out on DVD-Audio, for although I'm not a big fan of that system, it sounds pretty fair. There goes The Grateful Dead's "American Beauty".

    To be a worthwhile suggestion, I can't pick something with little mass appeal, so it would not be reasonable to suggest, for example, "Weren't Born a Man" by Dana Gillespie (1974).

    So I'm looking for a classic that sounded pretty awful in original format which hasn't been remastered in hi-rez or vinyl. Mmmm. "Sticky Fingers" by the Stones is close, but, after some reflection, my suggestion is ...

    "Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison

  7. czeskleba

    czeskleba Senior Member

    Implausible choice: Rubber Soul

    Plausible choice: Charlie Brown Christmas, by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.
  8. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al Senior Member

    Long Island, NY
    Beatles and Stones aside - How about Kinks Kronikles. Why? Currently sounds like a mess - good cross section of their 60's output, not neccessarily the most obvious choices either.
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  9. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    Jason, the Charlie Brown Christmas master tape sounds very close to the Fantasy CD and (modern cutting) LP.

    The nasty damage you hear on the CD at the start of two songs is right on the master, caused by crappy Scotch 211 tape and crappier storage. No backup copy exists (those cheapskates).
  10. Pinknik

    Pinknik Senior Member

    An SACD or 180g vinyl of Pink Floyd's THE WALL.
  11. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    Hmm...considering the mastering is quite questionable on the MoFi Beatles LPs, I wouldn't count them out...

    Let's see. How about Who's Next. Wait, it's already been done!


    Hmm...I'm leaning towards Tommy - no CD version of the original mix sounds that great. Maybe one of these days I should try tinkering with the 1993 MCA CD to see what (if anything) I can do...
  12. Sgt. Pepper in both stereo and surround mixes. I have to believe the future of music is multi-channel.
  13. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    You're 100% correct Bill. It's called STEREO!
  14. indy mike

    indy mike Forum Pest

    Steve is probably sick of my asking for Atlanta Rhythm Section's Champagne Jam, but I got spoiled by the MoFi lp with monster bass that the Polydor pressings (lp and cd) are sorely missing. My lp is about worn out from excessive play on the old victrola... Large Time is one mean ass opening cut, and Champagne Jam just flat out jams!
  15. jligon

    jligon Forum Resident

    Peoria, IL
    I'd like to see The Beatles Second Album (Capitol).
  16. pigmode

    pigmode Active Member

    Easy, CSN&Y Deja Vu...with Southern Cross thrown in as a bonus track. (oops!)

    Among my favorites of Steve's work, I find that the vocals came out esspecially beautiful.
  17. cvila

    cvila Forum Resident

    Bob Dylan "Blood On The Tracks" (New York version, Minnesota bonus tracks)
  18. eBay Feed

    eBay Feed Automated

    That's easy for me...

    Jethro Tull "Heavy Horses"

    It is my favorite Tull album, and Jethro Tull is my favorite band. My Chrysalis CD sounds pretty good, but I would imagine that the new Tull remasters will be about two steps backward in quality to what is already available.

  19. Douglas

    Douglas New Member

    Badfinger: Wish You Were Here
  20. petzi

    petzi Forum Resident

    Jethro Tull "Broadsword and the Beast". This has always been one of the worst sounding CDs in the Universe. There was a MoFi of it once, but only as an LP, which is very hard to get these days. Anyone have a good digital transfer of this ? :(
  21. Larry Naramore

    Larry Naramore Bonafied Knucklehead

    Sun Valley, Calif.
    Still have to go with "Songs of Leonard Cohen" CK 9533 (Hey Steve if you and I both bought 3 CD's each than DCC would sell 12 copies)
  22. Pat

    Pat Forum Detective

    Tampa, FL
    I'd really like to see The Second Damnation album (UA-1970) remastered by Steve. Maybe the first 2 albums could fit on a 2-fer CD? I can't remember...but I think they'd both fit. A great and seldom heard group.
    How 'bout it Steve! :cool:
  23. David R. Modny

    David R. Modny Senior Member

    Streetsboro, Ohio
    George Harrison - "All Things Must Pass". Honorable mentions to "Revolver", "The Notorious Byrd Brothers", and "Odessey and Oracle".
  24. Ted Bell

    Ted Bell Forum Dentist

    "Abbey Road" SACD please!
  25. ED in NY

    ED in NY New Member

    I don't even need to think about this one: Cream-Disraeli Gears. Steve absolutely created the definitive versions of Fresh Cream & Wheels Of Fire. The MOFI is the best going currently but I think Steve can still improve upon that. Damn, now I'm actually hoping it'll happen ! - ED :(
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