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DCC Archive Calling all 222 DCC members

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dr. Winston, Oct 28, 2001.

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  1. Andrew

    Andrew Chairman of the Bored

    Since DCC doesn't do classical I'll second Ultron9's vote for "Fear of Music." [​IMG]
  2. Randy W

    Randy W Original Member

    I would vote Astral Weeks, but I have a feeling the master tapes are not all that hot sonically . The best version I have found on CD is a UK copy, not as harsh as the domestic and almost as good as a white label promo LP. No, I think another album would be better served by Steve - Abbey Road.
  3. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    Great titles, one and all....

    [ October 31, 2001: Message edited by: Steve Hoffman ]
  4. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    All you people naming Beatles titles are greedy. What, you people aren't already satisfied with the enormous quantities of decent quality pressings already available? Sheesh... ;)

    With that in mind, I'd have to pick an album which has hardly had any audiophile treatment.

    *Allman Brothers-Live at the Fillmore East (yeah I know it was done on Mastersound)
    *Marvin Gaye-What's Going On (how come hardly any funk/soul is given consideration for re-release by audiophile labels?)

    P.S. I know I named two...but damn, I could've gone on... :)
  5. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Have you heard MFSL's two gold disc set of Live At Fillmore East, or is this what you are referring to when you say "Mastersound" (it was never put on Mastersound, that's a Sony release label).

    [ October 31, 2001: Message edited by: Camarillo ]
  6. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Have you heard MFSL's two gold disc set of Live At Fillmore East?
  7. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    I will listen to 'Abbey Road' remastered by Steve and then die.
  8. lbangs

    lbangs Senior Member

    I'd also love to hear a DCC version of Elvis Presley's The Sun Sessions.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs
  9. cadillacjack

    cadillacjack Forum Resident

    Sutton, Ma
    I'm still waiting for any CD by the Merry Go Round. :eek:
  10. Jason Brown

    Jason Brown Forum Resident

    SLC, UT
    Pink Floyd The Wall
  11. Dr. Winston

    Dr. Winston New Member Thread Starter

    Last call to get your vote in.
  12. EJM

    EJM New Member

    Vancouver Island
    I would like to see Little Feat-Waiting for Columbus

  13. 120dB

    120dB Forum Resident

    Baltimore, MD
    How about a gold disc of THE MILLENIUM "Begin" lp (no bonus tracks necessary). This still hasn't been done justice in the mastering by Sony, Sundazed or Rev-Ola.
  14. njwiv

    njwiv Senior Member

    Atlanta, GA
    One more for me:

    The Band's brown album (assuming the original masters could be located).

    I can only imagine how great it would sound with Steve's breath of life.
  15. Pope V

    Pope V Lurker

    Well, excluding the White Album or Abbey Road, here's mine:

    The Cure - Happily Ever After...
    (A compilation of 17 seconds & Faith)
  16. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    I never voted, but my choice came to me tonight out of the blue:

    Peter Gabriel - So
  17. tomcat

    tomcat Forum Resident

    «Time Passages» by Al Stewart. Not my all-time favourite album, but an absolutely beautiful candidate for Steve's «breath of life»!
  18. GregM

    GregM No static at all

    Daddyland, CA
    I've been putting off replying to this thread. How do you choose just one? for the sake of a reply. . .

    Steely Dan--Countdown to Ecstasy
  19. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    There's albums that can really do well reissued and remastered in the right hands. It's not *just* because I think Steve is a bonifide Beatles fan, a great guy or just plain knowledgeable, I know of no other engineer who knows what the master tape should sound like or who knows just how to bring that to CD, SACD or LP.

    Abbey Road has that unmistakeable sound. Just plain "grungy" in places. He's also the only one who'd leave things true to form. "Come Together" with that metallic "CRACK" of the snare and the bass line just ripping along with it (I think that's George's Fender bass?), loose and with deep sustain. It sounds like you're getting hit in the head with a couple o pillows. The "punch ins" during "Sun King", and the delicate, thin sound of "Because".

    Abbey Road *SOUNDS* like a Steve Hoffman job.

    Having Steve put that on VAC and taking his time to use proper equipment, if I knew it was coming, it would RUIN my concentration for weeks until DCC released that!

    Remastering has turned into a video game nowadays for some, sadly. :( Sure there are other albums that need help, but if I had JUST ONE choice, it would be Abbey Road, period. It's one album I rarely find boring, but has spent history technically lacking sonically. Audiophiles would be clawing at his door.

    The album rocks with innocence, confidence and suprising teamwork as they met even better recording techniques and used them!

    No, give Steve the emitape and leave him alone for 3 weeks.
  20. joachim.ritter

    joachim.ritter Senior Member

    Suzanne Vega 2 CD set with "Suzanne Vega"
    and "Solitude Standing" and live bonus tracks.
  21. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Forum Hall Of Fame

    South Texas
    Ok Sckott,

    Yea, convinced me :) Abbey Roads would be the perfect choice even if it does leave blood all over the tracks.

    Howsabout an X-Mas release date,
  22. Douglas

    Douglas New Member

    T. Rex: Electric Warrior

    Reprise has really dropped the ball on that CD. Never remastered past the inital CD which sounds shrill and scary. Cosmic Dancer deserves to be heard in all its glory
  23. cvila

    cvila Forum Resident

    Since there has been no activity on this thread for a while, I'm assuming that everyone voted and the tabulations are being made. Therefore, I'd like to throw some additional titles out there (vote early and often as the saying goes) in hopes that The Powers To Be might be inspired to license these picks:
    Neil Young - On the Beach
    Television - Marquee Moon
    Oasis - [What's The Story] Morning Glory?
  24. SteveSDCA

    SteveSDCA Senior Member

    San Diego
  25. Jim Ricketts

    Jim Ricketts Active Member

    Freedom, USA
    Many, many favs but a few come to mind immediately, mastered by Steve in SACD and 180g vinyl:

    1. Revolver (The best Beatles...hands down!)
    2. Royal Scam (My favorite Steely Dan - bought it unheard when my wife and I "called in sick" and we enjoyed the day together)
    3. Small Change (THE classic Tom Waits album)null
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