[CAM] FOR SALE: Numark Stereo Frequency Spectrum Equalizer Model EQ-2700

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    Numark Stereo Frequency Spectrum Equalizer Model EQ-2700

    "Numark Tone Computer Series Model EQ-2700 - stereo frequency spectrum analyzer.

    10 Band (30Hz to 15,360Hz) Octave Equalizer with individual +/- 15dB boost/cut for each band in each channel.

    Get it perfect with use of built-in spectrum analyzer / pink noise generator.

    Comes with original Bruel & Kjaer microphone and owner's manual.

    Full-featured. This is the EQ to own! This is a hard-to-find unit.

    Local Ottawa area sale preferred as I don't have the original box and would not like to risk damaging this great device. Asking $100. Cash. Sale will be final. No refund. I will consider shipping within Canada. Buyer to pay full cost. Full payment in advance via e-Transfer. Will pack very well but buyer would be responsible for paying for additional insurance against damage."


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