CD: What's distinguishes a VG+ disc grade from NM or M grade?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by FloydVivino, Feb 5, 2020.

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    My few decades long experience with compact discs is... binary (no pun intended). Meaning, either it plays perfectly from end to end or it plays perfect until... we hear it skipping, jumping or "sliding" to the of the track or disc. This, regardless of any visible hairlines or scuffs. So these gradings are just visual gradings that can only be reasonably trusted if the disc is spotless or a minimal scuff can render a disc unplayable (as the expectation has to be that I can play it end to end).

    With vinyl by comparison, there's a continuum from a that rare flawless and silent playback, to a progressively greater surfase noise, to the odd "pop" but otherwise surfase noise only, to the cement mixer output, to the unplayble deep scratch.

    In sum and put in another way, why pay for a M CD when a cheaper VG+ should play as nicely?

    Maybe missing something!
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    I'm in agreement with you that there's no actual performance difference in having a VG+ CD vs a NM one but some actually believe there is while others are simply allergic to buying something that isn't visually next to perfect. There's no logic to any of it but if you're like me and don't care about what a case or disc look like as long as they work perfectly, then you reap the benefit of lower prices. Enjoy! :)

    As for grading, most sellers do so visually which doesn't count for much as most don't use powerful white bulbs to do so and lots of discs will look just fine in normal lighting. Lots of sellers are uneducated about this or are nonchalant about it, hence a lot of needless frustration on both sides.
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    Some are a little OCD regarding cosmetic condition. On the buyers end it's very frustrating paying more money to get that near perfect playing surface and then being let down seeing scratches when it arrives. It's a lack of experience, caring or both on the sellers end unfortunately. Being charged $25 for a $5 condition CD is very unethical in my view. This is exactly why CD grading was even created. Does it effect playback? Not usually.
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