Chip Douglas interview about his days in the Gene Clark Group

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Clarkophile, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Up in T.O. keepin' jive alive Thread Starter

    In the YouTube interview clip I posted above Chip says they were in the possession of Jim Dickson, and were lost over the course of time. That's one vital missing link in the Gene chain that's never going to be known to us. However, I am hoping that there are some Clark demos still in existence, like 'If I Hang Around', from Byrds Parts 2, which I thought was fantastic. Up until that release, who even knew that tape existed?

    Joel is currently a member of the Emitt Rhodes Band, so you can be sure I'll ask about that.

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  2. zobalob

    zobalob Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland.
    Pity that the "Group" recordings are lost, I'd love to hear these...what did they record? Can you cover this in the interview? Your dedication to the cause of Geno is admirable, respect, brother.
  3. pocofan

    pocofan Forum Resident

    Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing.
  4. gsmile

    gsmile Forum Resident

    Thanks for that initial interview and I look forward to the new interview! I'll eat up anything Gene Clark related. Thanks again Clarkophile!
  5. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Up in T.O. keepin' jive alive Thread Starter

    You can bet that will be a question I'll put to them. I'd also like to know if Joel drummed on the GC Sings for You sessions.
    I created an email GCG refresher package for both of them, replete with photos, articles and a list of (unreleased) songs written by Gene in the '66 period in the hopes of eliciting further recollections.

    Thank you for the kind words. I'm quite enjoying myself and, the best part is, I'm finally going to be able to ask the questions I've wanted to ask. My fascination with that discrete period (i.e. post-Byrds/pre-Dillard & Clark) knows no bounds.
  6. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Up in T.O. keepin' jive alive Thread Starter

    If anyone knows the current whereabouts, or whatever became of, guitarist Bill Rinehart/Rhinehart, formerly of The Leaves (known for 'Hey Joe' and 'Too Many People') please PM me. I would greatly appreciate any information.
  7. jgreen

    jgreen Well-Known Member

    St. Louis,MO.
    How was Crosby's guitar detuned?
  8. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Forum Resident

    Sheboygan, WI
    How was Crosby himself detuned?

    Seriously, would appreciate any info Chip has on Gene recordings circa that period, with or without the Group. Also, what did he think of Einarson's "Mr. Tambourine Man" book? Also, if Gene has dozens of song titles listed in his copyright registrations, should some of them have existed as demos?
  9. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Up in T.O. keepin' jive alive Thread Starter

    This is of tangential relevance only, but someone over at the Byrdmaniax board posted a link to an unintentionally hilarious 33-minute anti-drug documentary from 1968, narrated by Sonny Bono :)laugh:), which purports to feature music written by Gene Clark, and performed by Things To Come (which featured Russ Kunkel).

    Marijuana [1968]

    From what I've heard so far, the soundtrack is just innocuous, pedestrian, acid-tinged blues workouts, nothing particularly noteworthy or distinguished about it, though I haven't watched the whole thing yet.

    Things To Come opened for The Gene Clark Group 2.0 (Clarence White, John York, Eddie Hoh) during their last stand at the Whiskey, August 28-30, 1967.
  10. Gene

    Gene Active Member

    New York, USA
    Excellent reading Tom, and I'm looking forward to the interview!

    What a shame there wasn't a hit single somewhere in those demos, he would've gotten the much craved recognition and the Gene Clark story may not have ended so tragically soon..
  11. MikeM

    MikeM Forum Resident

    Youngstown, Ohio
    Can't help you out in locating him, but Rinehart was also a member of The Merry-Go-Round, and I can recall reading that he and Emitt Rhodes didn't get along very well.

    Rinehart was replaced in the latter days of the band by Rick Dey, who had been a member of the Wylde Knights and wrote the classic "Just Like Me" for them, later covered by Paul Revere and the Raiders.
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