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    Please recommend some reference classical music LPs that are readily available for purchase at a reasonable price. I'm looking for audiophile pressings of great recordings to start my collection. I literally have one LP: Rossini's Greatest Hits.

    Prefer to buy new but open to used that's not too pricey. If you know of sellers who specialize in classical recordings that would be a plus.

    Thanking you in advance for your suggestions.
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    I've found some wonderful classical LPs in stellar condition at the local Salvation Army and Goodwill stores.
    Telarc, Sheffield Lab, Early Everest, Command Classics, Denon, Umbrella, Crystal Clear, Sound Storage, and more.
    Must look regularly (I do mean regularly before others find them) and also hit flea markets. There is no excuse for not making the extra effort.
    BTW, of all the so-called audiophile records I have, the most paid was $3.00 an LP.
    An added benefit of shopping at my local Salvation Army is they charge the same $3 for a double LP as for a single LP.

    If you are looking for other companies like London or RCA, those can be had as well, although the pickings for RCA and Mercury are fairly thin.
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