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  1. Fortysomething

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    Chicago, Illinois
    It hasn't changed.
  2. rjp

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    sad, it used to be so damn good in there.
  3. Fender Relic

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    Central PA
    My sister just got a heart transplant at Cleveland Clinic so I'll probably be spending time out there soon. Any RS's near Cl.Cl. on Euclid? My route to Cleveland will be 80 west out of PA to OH 11 north and cross over thru Warren to 422 and thru Cl. eastside that Shaker Heights? Thanks for any info.
  4. russe41

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    valley city ohio
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  5. MikeP5877

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    Blue Arrow on Waterloo. Probably 10 minute drive from the Clinic. A large selection of vinyl, reasonably priced in good shape. I worked near there for a few months this year and must have bought about 50 albums.

    These days they are open only Friday-Sunday, see website.

    Blue Arrow Records

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