Close Encounters of the Third Kind rereleased to theaters

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    The 4K release is great, but I'm not a fan of the color tweaking that goes on when Spielberg supervises new transfers. With this it seems like a handful of times the image gets a tad bit of teal and stuff here and there but it's never in your face. Of course I'm only currently able to review the 1080p new disc and not the 4K one. I absolutely hate what happened to Raiders, which I first saw on an advance 35mm new print screening (and wondered why does this look so odd?) and then got a chance to see the untouched new scan that aired on Japanese and other HD channels. (Which was much better.) Unlike Raiders which loses the original mixes in favor of a new IMO crummy remix, CEOT3K seems to use the same 5.1 remix that was on the 2007 Blu-ray and earlier Deluxe DVD. It's a great track that perhaps not as amazing as the 70mm original release Dolby mix we read of on some threads here, is very good and shows how much they were able to with sound design at the time for this particular film. Of course it's standardized as it has to sync to all three cuts much like the Blade Runner archival disc has a single 5.1 track to match three cuts so it could lose out on some of the very subtle differences in mixing just like the BR disc does between 1982 and 1992 soundtracks. However, the mix is 16 bit on the new 4K releases where the 2007 BD had it as 24 bit.

    I prefer the theatrical cut hands down and hate how the Director's Cut loses important character flaws and details that in a way that reeks of more modern Spielberg tastes. He's stated many times that he would do it differently today particularly redoing the ending (now that he is himself a father), which I understand but of course that would have been a different film altogether. The graininess should be there I think as most of the film was shot by Vilmos Zsigmond and reminds me of his work on the similarly grainy Sugarland Express. As much as I appreciate CE it's not one I often return to and has never quite resonated with me as much as the big Spielberg classics of Duel, Jaws, Raiders, and Temple. But it is a hell of a great film that is truly the adult SF film whereas I find E.T. to be literally aimed at children. Every time I hear E.T. brought up, I immediately bring up Close Encounters to usually some blank stares and perhaps some general recognition. I think it's very weird that this film is not as well known as it should be.

    I too re-fell in love with this strange mix of hope and 70's era Spielbergian realism with the Criterion Laserdisc and then starting looking at all the different video releases.
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    I'm usually not a fan of revisionism but I prefer the the Collector's Edition over the Theatrical and Special Editions. Primarily because it gets rid of the insipid inside-the-alien-ship footage at the end of the Special Edition and cleans up some of the pacing issues of the Theatrical Edition. And, because it retains one of my favorite scenes in the film that originated in the Special Edition.


    I love the scenes where the team are discovering things from the past inexplicably reappearing back on Earth and this is one of my favorites that is not in the Theatrical Edition.
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    Yes at the time, CE was a huge film, almost as big as Star Wars. But it has since faded into relative obscurity considering.
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    The fact that it never became a series might have something to do with that... though until two years ago you could have said the same thing about Blade Runner, but then that had an offscreen narrative to keep people interested over the years.

    Though I’m not sure how “forgotten” Close Encounters actually is.
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    Younger people who love Star Wars and Indiana Jones, etc. have never heard of CE. At least in my experience.
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    I think Close Encounter is STILL the best encountering intelligent extra-terrestrials movie.

    From the brilliant slow build-up to the extended and moving climax is masterful filmmaking. The original theatrical is still my favorite cut. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a masterpiece in the sci-fi genre.
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    I'll weigh in to vote for the original theatrical cut. It's a personal preference -- I saw CE3K when it came out (I was 10 years old) and it made a massive, permanent impression on me. To this day, my affection for it is strongly tied to that version. I'll admit that this makes me somewhat blind to whatever pacing deficiencies are inherent.

    I always notice the subtle quality differences with the new scenes (for example, the Cotopaxi scene) where the typeface used for the subtitles is different than the original. Like most people, I was (and am still) horrified by the new "inside" scenes. Otherwise, I do generally enjoy the director's cut.

    (Holy cow, I had no idea the Cotopaxi was a real ship!)
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