Collectors' Choice withdraw from Discogs?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Veni Vidi Vici, Feb 17, 2018.

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    I had a dozen or so CDs being sold by them in my Discogs basket, which suddenly became unavailable early this afternoon. I check, and they now have nothing for sale through Discogs. All the disappeared items are still available from them directly.

    The biggest music wholesaler in the world, and responsible for some 48% of the vinyl market. Interesting times...
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    Still there: Buy Vinyl Records and CDs from Collectors-Choice at Discogs Marketplace

    Many of those big sellers pull the trick of delisting their entire inventory then relisting it so that it messages people about their want list items so you might have caught them in one of those delisting instances. It's a thing that annoys many, including myself, Discogs need to fix that loop hole so you don't constantly get messages about your want list items from the same sellers at the exact same price every 24 hours.
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  4. InStepWithTheStars

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    I assumed it was a system bug. Never thought it was the sellers trying to get me to buy their stuff before it "goes away forever" until now. Lot of hassle for the same $2 CD everyone and their grandma has...
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    Ya, I never understood why I get a Want List message every couple days that always includes the same couple cd's. Those sellers really rig it to be that way? Annoying.
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