Coltrane’s Infinity

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MicJames, Dec 29, 2018.

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    I inquired on the running jazz thread, but thought I’d have more luck asking on a new thread...

    Coltrane fans, what are your thoughts on Infinity? I find Alice’s orchestration off-putting when streaming it, but realize it may grow on a listener after awhile.

    Also, are the sessions used available elsewhere without the overdubs?

    Finally, there appear to be two recent US releases on CD, 2011 Impulse (Kevin Reeves remaster) , and 2012 “Verve Originals.” Is anyone familiar with the sound on these, or does the Japanese MCVI remain the best sounding disc?

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    I think Coltrane's infinity is bigger than most guy's infinity. But seriously, I too found the orchestrations off-putting at first and I haven't listened in quite some time so I'm not sure what I'd think now.
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    I'm a big fan of Alice's, and think the arrangements are terrific. Alice's post-'67 records got progressively more ambitious and accomplished, and I'm glad she took the opportunity to reestablish the bond and introduce John to her new music. I think Trane was in a transitional period '66-'67, but his death made it look more like an impasse. The post-Classic Quartet records were expressive, but they also seemed like a struggle. I don't think he had found a sustainable style yet to allow the freedom, power and spirituality he had in mind. And the people who did find a viable direction out of "late-Trane" were Pharoah Sanders, though he seemed to lose focus after a few years, and Alice. Whether she might have developed her own voice as quickly had he lived is unknowable, but imagining a strong collaboration is interesting in light of Alice's terrific string of records for Impulse and Warners. And those records offered answers to a lot of the questions posed by late-Trane. I'm glad she took a shot, and I think the results were successful, and provocative. If Infinity had appeared with Trane still alive, it would have been seen as a stunning vision. I find particularly beguiling the passage on Leo where Trane finishes soloing and Alice's organ comes in. She didn't record on organ until 1970 or so, and when she did it was in a very innovative style - she sounds less like standard Jazz organ than anybody. Imagine those urgent oblique lines in a regular quartet with Trane. And her writing for strings - I tell ya, Trane With Strings would have left Bird With Strings in the dust, as well as any other 'with Strings' you can think of.
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    ^ nice !

    you know, I bought this on cd a couple of years ago and I don't think I've ever listened to it ... will defo check out later after work


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